Saturday, January 12, 2008

Birthday slide show

SO now they are 13 which makes me REALLY old...although luckily we had bonus babies that are keeping us young!
We had a great time together for their birthday, we had our typically family party with dinner, cake, presents and of course....SILLY STRING! Quade used to be deathly afraid of the stuff and would run in his room and hide (we had to discontinue the practice for a few years after that) but not this year...this year he asked for it!!!
He surprised and impressed us in the morning when he woke up and we asked him what day it was and he said....BIRTHDAY!!!!
Taylor enjoyed her day as well with a special out to lunch date with her dad!
all she wanted for her birthday was a maybe someday you will see me posting about the next big star!!!


Well, one of the Joys of having two sets of twins is the shared birthdays! We just celebrated Quade and Taylors birthdays on the 8th. They are now 13 years old!!! WOW, how time flys. Rich and I talked about the day they were born and what a crazy time that was. We had just come off of 5 days with no electricity because of a really big snow storm. Me being on bed rest all thru Christmas and he trying to keep bored kids happy, cooking off the wood stove and trying to keep food from the fridge (now out in the snow)cold (remember..the electrcity was out) Then only to have it come back on and go into labor in the middle of the night. That was only the beginning of our Journey! Life flight to the valley, early delivery, weeks in the hospital (3 hours from home and my other kids)...but finally..we brough home two beautiful babies!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well Christmas break was great, we had alot of fun and alot of sleeping in (except Quade) but it is/was time for it to be over and for these little chicks to get back in school! Whewwwwww .....and THEN.....We heard the snow was coming....Nothing....still wait...really...its still coming....Nothing....and when it DID finally decide to had to be the very same day they were suppose to go back to school. But NOOOOOO....instead we got a SNOW DAY!!! oh yeah....Well the kids were pretty siked about it, and mom DID get to sleep in ONE MORE i guess it turned out ok. We only ended up with about 3-4 inches of very wet snow, but up in Pinetop they got over a foot. The road to sunrise was closed so I'm guessing they got a few new feet of snow. This year i believe will turn out to be one of our best years for accumulation of the white stuff! YEAH

One more time....

Rich took the 3 younger kids snowboarding again last week and they did end up figuring it out. (i saw video evidence) Taylor and Sawyer have really got the turning and stopping figured out while Noah is more into the "banzai" approach. He does know how to turn but would rather just go as fast as possible and wipe out at the end. Rich did tell me how he finally decided to go into the lodge and watch the kids on the bunny hill from the window. He watched Sawyer come down three times and if he did not fall he would pump his fist in a "whooo Hoooo" manner and then look around to make sure dad saw him. He would not see Rich and would get really frustrated. So after the third time he fell on the ground and beat his little fists out of frustration that dad did not see how well he did...well at that point RIch decided to go out and assure him that he was watching and did see how well he did. When Sawyer came down again he told him he was watching and that he was doing great and asked him if he was upset when he did not see that dad was watching and Sawyer very casually said...nahhhh .....i didn't even notice you wern't there.....

What a sweetie that boy is....