Friday, February 6, 2009

Different directions....

What a crazy weekend we have....Hayden left Wednesday for Mammoth, snowboarding with the ski club from school. Austin left today for flagstaff for a Skills competition with the school. I am taking Noah, Sawyer and Taylor to the valley tomorrow for a **surprise** and Rich has a meeting at work Quade gets to go to his helper from school's house to hang out with her family for the afternoon....and then, we have to hope that we all make it home(there is a snow storm blowin' in) as Rich, Austin and Taylor have to speak in church on Sunday!
whewww I'm exhausted already and tomorrow isn't even here yet!


Fullerton Family said...

Wow, you guys sure are busy!! Of course you guys speak after we move, we would have loved to hear it! Good luck!

granny said...

well I would have loved to hear the talks also. darn
Hope you can record them or tell me about what they talk about at least.


ps waiting to hear about the surprise!!!!!!!!!!!