Monday, December 31, 2007

Meeting Santa

In December we had alot of exciting things going on...with all the holidays and such we started the month with a visit to see Santa...this was a highlight for Noah, Sawyer and especially Quade. Taylor insisted on going as well but once she was there i think she regretted it when i made her sit on Santa's Lap for the photo Op


Noah and Sawyer just Chillin
Sawyer and Noah mastering the lift
Quade loves to tryout Haydens old board
Natalie and Taylor on their booties(where they spent most of their time)
Hayden "working"

We took the kids snowboarding for the first time...It was alot of work but a ton of fun. Hayden is working at sunrise for his second year as a snowboard instructor. And Taylor has been snow blading for several years but was ready to try snowboarding. Austin has been skiing for a few years now and does really good, he purchased his owns skis this year and has mastered going from midway all by himself! this was Noah and Sawyers first year so we started them off with snowboarding. They took to it pretty quickly (has something to do with that "low to the ground" thing and that youthful no fear thing.) They refused to even take a break for lunch and were asking when can we go again before they even left the mountain! Quade just enjoys playing on Hayden's older board....

Christmas Photos

Dad and Quade
Hayden and his new goggles
Austin, UofA fan (whats up with that?)
Sawyer loves the hot wheels
Pepper (who found and destroyed the "squeaker" in record time)

Here are some fun Christmas Morning Pictures of the kids

Christmas day

Christmas day was alot of fun!
here is our tree before the wrapping started flying
ya gotta love the yule log on the satellite!
when i show this picture to most people they have to pick their jaw up off the ground and the comments i usually get have something to do with "oh my gosh" then i have to point out that when you have 4-5 maybe 6 gifts under the tree for each of the 9 people in the family it adds up very quickly and it makes it look overwhelming...