Friday, June 27, 2008

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do you like the new look better or the former look?

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New Do...

ok ok ok are the pictures

Thursday, June 26, 2008

ohhh and....

I got a new do...
so maybe if you beg i will post pictures! LOL
although i think most of you have probably already seen it!
Maybe i will do a poll to see if everyone likes it better like this or the "old" way
hummm something to think about!

Have I mentioned .....

How much i LOVE the first song on my playlist....David Archuleta "Think of me"
if you have not happened to click on my site and gotten that song then scroll down to the playlist and click on should be the first one on the list.

Things Im looking forward too!

There are a few things I'm looking forward to this upcoming month...
And here is the first thing that I am really looking forward to. I think i have officially decided that the 4th of July is my favorite holiday! For many reasons...
1. Because its not some hokey holiday someone thought up to make us spend a bunch of money on stuff we don't need. (Not to mention changing the real reason for the season just so we feel the need to drain the bank account!)
2. Because its summer time and its WARM
3. Because our family has created some of our richest traditions (or at least we think so)around this holiday
4. Because our family WANTS to be together on the 4th
5. Because we live in a small town and it really shows on the 4th
6. Dad gets the day off
7. We get to spend time with our friends(as long as the GATES NOT LOCKED!!!!)
8. Quade LIVES for fireworks!

And some of the reasons we are especially excited about this particular 4th
1. Brittnee's coming home
2. We get to meet her two new friends (go to her blog to find out who)
3. Hayden is super excited and has great plans for the parade and a BBQ after at our house.

So stay tuned for great pictures to come!


......this being the other thing I'm looking forward too...... I loved the first three books and I'm anticipating this one being even better (or at least i sure hope so!) Its the 4th and final book in the series! And should tie up some loose ends and hopefully have a very happy ending! which is kind of weird when you think about it! LOL (if you read it you will know what i mean) i need to get mine ordered since it comes out in just 36 days, 10 hours and 19 minutes! and it will be off the shelves within minutes.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sign me up!

We have tickets! cant wait...taking the kids, i think they will love it.
If you are familiar with Saturdays warrior then you will know who Jimmy is...this is the story of Jimmy 35 years later....
if your interested in getting tickets here is the link

Monday, June 16, 2008

Birthday Girl

So here is the birthday girl and the excuse for going on a cruise!
My mom turned 75 so we thought it was high time we treat her to the lap of luxury! lol
so we decided to take her on a extension of our "summer girls camp" that we try to do each year. She was very surprised (mission accomplished) and excited since it was her first cruise. You will see in the following pictures some of the things we did. I was having trouble uploading pictures so i apologize for the numerous posts. And for posting out of order.
In this picture you can see that we decorated our Room on the ship and again that was fun and a big surprise...that chocolate cake you see there was ohhh soooo goood!


These were taken on Santa Monica Pier...we did an LA tour while we were away. That was alot of fun ...the sky writing one was interesting..first, because we have not seen sky writing in many many we were watching them write it...and they wrote TORI AND....then i said..they better not write Dean or i think i will throw up! so as you can see i had to run for the nearest trash can!! LOL just kidding.

This is the swanky girls on Rodeo Drive...we were scared to go in any of the shops so we just looked in the windows!! LOL


Took these from Laboffadora "the blow hole" in Ensanada, Mexico
Met a nice family from Round Valley...what are the chances of that?? Lots of people from Arizona on the cruise
Took this one for Sawyer my "Monkey boy"

Elephants? on a cruise ship!!

For those of you who have cruised before you will recognize this little guy....when they come at night to give you turn down service they make these cute little animals out of towels~

San Diego

These were taken in San Diego which was our first port...when we were in port one of the military ships was departing..i took this from really far away but you could see all the sailors on the deck shoulder to was really very cool to see.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What Im reading...

well i did not think i would like them because I'm not a sci fi reader....but finally Sandi and Brittnee convinced me to read this series and i must say i am HOOKED! The love story far out weighs the sci fi part! LOL.....these are the best books..i just love them.
This is the "twilight series" and I'm already on book 3.. the books average about 500 pages and after only 2 weeks i am half way into book three and book 4 comes out at the beginning of august! cant wait!! and on top of that im anxiously awaiting the movie based on the first book that will be out in december!
here is a link to the Authors website

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quick update..

Well here is a quick update...first of all my computer is down and in the shop so i cant post pictures right now but will as soon as i get it back. We had a great time on our cruise. It was fun to be together and to have alittle break and everyone at home survived wonderfully too which is much to say to their credit because it was a very very busy week but they all did great! I will tell alittle more about what we did on the cruise when i can post the pictures.
Now on to the next thing in our life...Taylor is leaving to go spend a week with her cousin Natalie and her family and then another week with her granny so she will be busy for the next few weeks and Hayden leaves tomorrow for football camp at BYU which he has been to before (this will be his third year) and he will be there for a week and is very much looking forward to it and looking forward to football starting. We usually take him to Utah and spend the week there visiting with family while he is at camp but this year it did not work out because Rich is out of vacation days. So Hayden will be flying and will be spending some time with his friend Dolan and with his cousin Cory and then a few days with his Aunt Gerri and Uncle Rich so he is looking forward to doing this on his own. He is growing up much to his mothers dismay!