Thursday, July 31, 2008

On the move.

Well Brittnee is loaded up and on the move today. Wishing her safety long the way and that she will have no problems with her truck pulling that big load. Hopefully she will have Internet at her new place and will be able to update her blog soon and let everyone know whats going on with her.
Oh the worries of a parent with "adult" children!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

got a call..

They were at Huntington Beach and the epicenter was in Chino Hills(about 25 miles)

Hayden called...they were on the beach and he said all of a sudden he felt really dizzy (dahh the ground was swaying LOL) and almost felt like he was going to pass out until he realized what was going on...and then Coach Thompson said.."look that wall is moving" then he realized they were in an earthquake. They are all was just really weird he said. He was shocked that it was all over the news and that it was as big as it was. Said it made him feel special! LOL
Glad they are all right, hope the rest of the population fares the same.

Kinda FREAKING out here

just heard on the news that there was a 5.4 earthquake in California. Hayden is on Huntington beach at football camp! YIKES!! cant get through to anyone on cell phones..i guess the lines are jammed..they are saying no damage or injuries reported at this time so I'm sure he is fine...just a nervous mom freaking out! LOL

Monday, July 28, 2008

Crazy week...

Well this is a crazy week for us....Hayden left yesterday for California camp with the football team, Taylor leaves tomorrow for Girls camp, I hear Brittnee is moving to Albuquerque Thursday, Rich will be crazy busy in and out of town with work all week, Noah and Sawyer start football practices this week and we have all the new exchange students coming in on several different days this week. Wish us luck! i hope we survive.

Shopping and Carousels

Taylor and I went to the valley to get our back to school shopping done for the family. We had a super fun time spending "girl time" together. We got a hotel and even had room service and breakfast in bed! It was super fun and she is growing up fast and is a lot of fun to "hang out" with. Friday night we met up with my sister Tammy and her family. Here are a few pictures of our baby Davin and his mom Liz on the carousel at the mall!

And here is a picture of Bryan because he was bummed i did not get a picture of him and therefore he would not make the blog! lol...we love you Bryan!!

New Hair cut

Taylor's new Hair cut (for Granny's viewing pleasure!)

nAp TiMe

Summer time causes sleepiness around is Quade and pepper taking a snoooze!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Funny Stuff

Several years ago, on a bitter cold, snowy morning (no this is not a bedtime story) Hayden and his friend Ethan had a snow they decided to go out and shovel some drive ways to make some money. They went to a neighborhood over in Show Low and shoveled this one older ladies drive way..after they were done she invited them in and fed them...they thought it was strange that she had pictures of David spade in her house so they inquired and she told them he was her they got a big kick out of the fact that they met David Spade's mom. Cut to today....apparently David was In town visiting his dear ol mom a few weeks ago. And shortly after his return to Hollywood he was on the Jay Leno show...where he told about his adventures visiting his mom in Show Low Arizona...
Watch the clip..its pretty funny....

(click here to watch the video, then click on the July 17th episode)
When it cues up after the commercial, you can go directly to chapter 3 (where David comes in)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The Cute Couple at disneyland with Natalie awhile back

What a super exciting week this has been for GREAT news....first the new baby and now this....
This is a picture that Jeff and Jessica sent to Tammy via webphone....they are on a cruise right now. SO it looks like we will be having a wedding next spring....Congrats Jeff and Jessica!!!!

We sure love you guys!


last Saturday the little boys participated in their boy scout rain gutter regatta...they built their boats and raced them in the gutters...then after that they got to eat ice cream out of the gutters...ummmm yummmm lol

Monday, July 14, 2008

Birthday Girl

To my first baby girl!

I woke up this morning and the first thought in my mind was where i was and what i was doing 22 years ago at this very time. I could actually remember very well how that day went. what a wonderful experience it was to have our first baby and what a joy she was and beautiful!
I can not believe its been 22 years!! They grow up way WAY to fast...
Brittnee, we hope you have a wonderful day and we wish we could be there with you!

Always Remember who you and where you came from.... and live every day to its fullest!

And above all remember that we love matter what!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A new Baby...

ITS A GIRL!!!! I had a feeling that little one would not wait till Wednesday(her induction day)

Gerri And Richie welcomed their new little baby girl into the world this morning...

6 lbs 12 oz..19 1/2 inches long..born at 7:20 this morning after only about 8 hours of labor! Way to go Gerri!!

Her name is Jessie Ann! We are so excited for you guys!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Taylor was first attempt at hightlights. Came out pretty good i think?!?!


I had a bunch of crazy football players show up at my door with a plan! I guess they needed some "team unity" hair cut before mountain Mohawks were the cut of the day! weirdos.....But i guess it could be worse..last year the pact was that no one would cut their hair till they needless to say we had a whole bunch of really long haired boys by the end of the season...
Before they left i made them promise not to tell their parents where they got their haircut! i dont think any of them have a link to my blog so hopefully im safe!!! LOL


We don't know for sure but we have been told that Quade has an autism spectrum disorder. And i came upon this today and wanted to share it..this could be a HUGE breakthrough for many...maybe for us? but it makes perfect sense to me....we will have to wait and see where it goes.

i cant get the video to upload so you will have to go to the link
so click this ..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Countdown....

we are counting the days now until Rich's little sister Gerri and her husband Rich bring their new baby girl into the world. If all goes as planned she will make her entrance sometime between now and next Wednesday(induction day) so keep your fingers crossed and say alittle prayer for them that everything goes smoothly. Their long long long wait to have a baby is finally here!
i will keep you all updated

Sunday, July 6, 2008

ohh and....

keep in mind that you can click on any of the pictures to see a larger view....

and lastly.....

Birthday Kisses....or NOT
Birthday Hugs.....
Birthday Presents
Birthday Singing....YIKES
and Birthday cake!

Today we celebrated Brittnee's birthday.... her birthday is actually next Monday (the 14th) but we figured since she was here we better do it now! so we had one of her favorite meals for dinner and then we had presents and cheesecake...her other favorite! It was REALLY nice having her home with us this weekend and we really enjoyed meeting her friend James...and for those of you who are wondering...(including YOU Brittnee) yes we like him...he is a very nice guy and he treats my daughter very good which is VERY important to us. So yes, he passed inspection and the many interrogations he has received (way to go Debbie and Wendy! LOL) and the Quade test!!!!

and then....

oooooo ahhhhhhhhh
Shaylar, Easton and Austin
Who's who? your guess is as good as mine! LOL
Sawyer checkin out the action in his cool 3D glasses

After the Parade we had a "big" BBQ at our house....did not have alot of people come but it was fun anyways (thanks Hunts and Brimhalls for showing up) I dont have any of pictures from this but you can check the Brimhalls blog...they might have some to post.

After that we got ready for the FIREWORKS!!! oh boy was this Quade's greatest day ever!

Quade has been saying "fireworks" for about two weeks now...and we always say..."Friday" so then he started saying "Friday" (actually, the first time he GOT IT and said....FIREWORKS-FRIDAY was in the middle of sacrament meeting LOL its hard to be happy about something when we are supposed to be quiet...) so when he woke up on the 4th i said to him..."what day is it Quade" and he just sorta looked at me funny....and i said...

'ITS FRIDAY" and then he said...."FIREWORKS!!!" yeah!!!!

So we set off for the fireworks....we have been going to the same spot for the fireworks every year and this was no exception...we always meet a large group of friends there and sit together and that group seems to be growing bigger each year....this year it was Us and our kids and their friends, The Hoyes and Their extended family and friends, the Watsons, and the Hatches and their extended family. It was a long fireworks show...about 45 minutes which was really fun!

On Saturday night, Brittnee and James took Taylor and Noah over to the Snowflake Rodeo, fireworks and dance..they really enjoyed that alot..I'm sure Brittnee will post more about that on her blog.


Noah with Cowgirl (Brittnee's new puppy)
Austin, Shaylar and Rachel Hatch
Hayden, Griffin, Quade and Rich

Sawyer Aka-Monkey Boy
Rich, Francie, James

Sawyer. Noah, Brittnee and Taylor

Shaylar....."hummm whats in those buckets anyways??"

Bright and Early on the 4th we got up and got ready to go to the Parade...i love our little town Parade..some may think its hokey but i love it...I love seeing people we know in the parade, love the hokey floats, love the not so great karaoke singers and love the school bands who need alittle more practice...LOL ...its just alot of fun and a great tradition we have. I would feel lost if we did not go to the parade on the 4th. So we set out and met some friends there as Hayden had filled up over 300 water balloons and he and his friends were just itchin' to make this very dry parade alittle wetter! So we got all set up and were ready to go. The mayor even stopped by and told us that he finally convinced the powers that be that next year this WILL be a wet parade! YEAHHHHH That will be fun....

Anyway...we really had alot of fun. Well at least until "the grumpy old man incident"(getting on my soapbox).....Hey man! Its just alittle water!! water never hurt anyone! and OH MY GOSH!! it DRYS, rather quickly too when its 85 degrees outside! And you wife really would have alot more fun if she watched the parade instead of staring at us!!!! sorry...I'm alittle bitter LOL...can you tell!!!! (getting off my soapbox now) oh well, we had alot of fun and alot of laughs and made alot of hot people happy too! so its all good!!

Where to start...

OH MY what a crazy busy weekend we all started on Thursday the 3rd around 2pm when i received a call from Debbie (Hentges-Hunt) who called to ask if Rich could come over and meet them at the hospital to give Kyle a blessing. As the story goes (Debbies version only because Kyle is sticking to the story that Debbie hit him over the head with a frying pan LOL) Kyle was out working with the horses this morning at the house in Heber and he apparently made their Mare alittle anxious when he was trimming her hooves...and she kicked him in the head! She got him once in the front over his eye (HUGE gaping wound) on the way up and again in the back of the head and on his shoulder when she was coming down. Needless to say he finished what he was doing (Dummy! but....he had to "teach that horse a lesson") before he came in to get cleaned up...i don't think he realized just how hurt he really was until he got in the truck and looked in the mirror and THOUGHT he lost his eye! which luckily he did not.....but it looked like he had a third eye just the same...i have some wonderful shots of the wound (for the boys to ooooo and ahhhhhh over his 22 stitches) but I'm using my better judgement and am not posting them...instead I'm just posting the "after" shot!.....anyhooo....i had a good afternoon visiting with Kyle and Debbie in the emergency room ....gave us some time to get caught up...thanks Kyle!! LOL
on a side note.....HE IS ONE LUCKY BOY!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Toy.....

Austin got a new toy that the whole family has enjoyed sooooooooooo much! I even gave it a try and i HATE video games LOL.

Austin is the proud new owner of a Wii video system. For those of you who do not know what a Wii is (first of all , climb out from under your rock) its an interactive system. You put in the games and then you use the control stick to move and it actually senses your movements. So its alot more interactive then the previous game systems we have had. And the fun part is everyone loves to play...does not matter if you are 8 or 40ish LOL....we all love to bowl and play baseball!!!

here are a few pictures of us bowling and playing golf sunday night.

take note of Richs new golfing style!!?? doubt you will see him on a REAL course, golfing with one hand!!!! LOL