Sunday, July 6, 2008


Noah with Cowgirl (Brittnee's new puppy)
Austin, Shaylar and Rachel Hatch
Hayden, Griffin, Quade and Rich

Sawyer Aka-Monkey Boy
Rich, Francie, James

Sawyer. Noah, Brittnee and Taylor

Shaylar....."hummm whats in those buckets anyways??"

Bright and Early on the 4th we got up and got ready to go to the Parade...i love our little town Parade..some may think its hokey but i love it...I love seeing people we know in the parade, love the hokey floats, love the not so great karaoke singers and love the school bands who need alittle more practice...LOL ...its just alot of fun and a great tradition we have. I would feel lost if we did not go to the parade on the 4th. So we set out and met some friends there as Hayden had filled up over 300 water balloons and he and his friends were just itchin' to make this very dry parade alittle wetter! So we got all set up and were ready to go. The mayor even stopped by and told us that he finally convinced the powers that be that next year this WILL be a wet parade! YEAHHHHH That will be fun....

Anyway...we really had alot of fun. Well at least until "the grumpy old man incident"(getting on my soapbox).....Hey man! Its just alittle water!! water never hurt anyone! and OH MY GOSH!! it DRYS, rather quickly too when its 85 degrees outside! And you wife really would have alot more fun if she watched the parade instead of staring at us!!!! sorry...I'm alittle bitter LOL...can you tell!!!! (getting off my soapbox now) oh well, we had alot of fun and alot of laughs and made alot of hot people happy too! so its all good!!