Monday, August 31, 2009

Switching Spaces....

Well the easy part is done!
and it wasn't very easy
We started Saturday afternoon
we moved Taylor downstairs to Hayden and Austins old room
we moved Noah and Sawyer up to Taylor's old room
and we moved Austin and Quade into Noah and Sawyers old room
still following along?
moving all the furniture was a hefty job
thank goodness we have a hefty daddy!
it was nice to "de-junk" everyones rooms and get every nook and cranny clean
now sadly it looks like everyones room could use a new layer of paint
but I'm not going there just yet!
now the really hard part begins....
figuring out what to do with all the left over stuff sitting in my living room!!!


Taylor has us switching gears! she has decided to play Soccer....
this girl never quits! she is determined to be a "Sporty" girl
and it may take trying every sport until she finds her niche
She made the JV soccer team and has her first game on next Tuesday
so we will most likely be giving weekly soccer updates for all you grandparents(and Joe) out there!!

Im a MAJOR Loser!!!

I was dreading going to the first football in 4 years that Hayden would not be on the field for. It was worse then i expected. Most people who know me well know that I am not a crier. I was feeling alittle emotional anyways but when the captains came on the field for the coin toss I lost it!
I know,
I'm such a major loser!
Hayden was the only one on the team last year who was a captain for every game. So this was alittle harder then I expected and DANG IT!! I'm tearing up now so....ummmm....I think I will get back to the room organizing project!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Is this Normal??

To be in Mourning when your Child leaves for college.
I don't remember going through this when Brittnee left????
this is REALLY hard....
i guess a lot of it has to do with all the uncertainty that we have had with him over the last few months.
He is a procrastinator and his plans seemed to change weekly and then...
all of a sudden, literally,
he was gone!

I was so busy last weekend with the orientation that I did not get to be very involved in his move,
but he really wanted to do it all on his own and in his own way.
He's trying to be very mature....and I admire that.

so....why does it feel like someone died???
I'm sure its not that bad but....???
The kids all decided they wanted to switch rooms
so they planned to do it this weekend
so they have been bugging me to take the things off Hayden's walls,
so we can start moving things.
All his memories of his high school years cover his walls.
I have resisted....
I did not want to take the stuff down.
I like to go in there and just look around.
It makes me not miss him so much...
These walls represent 4+ years of his life and taking it down means its over....
High School and all the fun and memories,
games and meets,
banquets and camps...
its all over!!!
(Rich calls it the "Hayden Shrine")
But today...
I decided it was better to do it today,
when I was alone then tomorrow when everyone is home.
so I could look each thing over and pack it safely away.
Freshman year...
Football, his first cali camp, a broken arm (thanks steel),
baseball, movies, freedom, Snowboarding,
its all about the friends you know!

Sophomore year....

Football, cali camp, Favorite Cars, a little history, an academic letter, snowboarding,
skim board from our trip to Hawaii, and more friends....its all about the friends!!

Junior year...
snowboarding trips, Football, track awards(or I should say Field awards since he was not allowed to run, he might loose weight and you cant have your already skinny lineman loosing weight during track season duh!!!) Proms, Homecomings, MORP, Girls...its all about the girls, OH I MEAN FRIENDS.....

Senior year...
Football, Football, Football,
iron man, All region , All State,
Most inspirational player!
Track takes state....
Relays, 800, mile, unexpected 2 mile, medals, Awards, hardest worker,
most improved!
Friends and girls....
most of his friends ARE girls.


Two Parents who could not be prouder of their sons accomplishments,
(is it obvious LOL)
his athleticism, his work ethic, his leadership skills,
his kindness to others,
his cookies! LOL
and now....
I have this.....
and this......

and its a good thing I have this.......
makes it all a little easier!


We had our Orientation with all the exchange students this last weekend.
It was a fun overnighter of camping, hot dog roast over an open fire, dancing, singing, a bedtime story, sleeping in tents, a few classes on expectations,
a little rain
overall a really great chance to get to meet and get to know all of the kids that will be staying in Northern and South Eastern Arizona for the school year.
amazing..these kids even danced with the Adults!

A little Line Dancing

then a little flag making...can anyone guess what flag this is??



Switzerland and Brazil



We had a really great time and we look forward to a really great exchange year with these really great youth!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I MISS.....

My Baby boy.....didn't think i would so much, but i surely do!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

For Sale

Motorcycle $700
parts $100+
Labor 20 Hours
Lesson Learned? (still hopeful though)
Mother's Mood? Happy
Bike for sale $700
needs work

Ward BBQ and Watermelon Bust....

The Wheelbarrel Race...I missed pictures of the three legged race

I have weird boys!

Quade the anchor man! understandable at 5'11" 192 lbs...he's one big boy. Too bad he let go as soon as they started pulling! LOL

We all fall down.........

Wordless Wednesday....

What have I been up to?

I have had a few people over the last few weeks ask why I have been up to because I have not posted in awhile LOL ( yes a week and a half I guess is awhile??) so I was thinking about it this morning wondering....what HAVE I been up too?

here is the answer...

We have exchange students coming out our ears! As most of you know we have been Coordinators for the exchange students in our area for about 8 years. We usually place 7 or 8 here in our 3 schools. This year it will possibly be 12! Rich and I took over as the Regional Coordinators so now our job is alittle harder and we feel alittle more pressure to help get all these kids here and placed. It has been a bit stressful but its all worth it when we see their cute little faces getting off the plane!

I only posted the arrivals i have pictures of...there are several more that i did not catch. This weekend we get to spend with the exchange kids getting to know all of them. Looking forward to that the hard part of finding them homes is just about over.

SO...that is pretty much what we have been up to for the last several months!

Wordless Wednesdays?

Just a thought that crossed my mind....I see so many blogs that have Wordless Wednesdays. (if your a blog hopper then you will know what im talking about) soooo how come so many wordless wednesday posts have WORDS.... LOL

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wedding video...

Just found this on You Tube! Funny Funny Stuff

you would have to have some pretty incredible friends that would do this for you!

Make sure your sound is on...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Guess what today is...

Don't Get me wrong....I love my kids dearly!
but I also...
I know...I'm not the norm. Most moms hate it when the kids go back to school, but then again, most moms don't have a Quade! ;)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Boys and Girls...let this be a lesson to you
Rugby is not a safe sport!!!
Hayden gave us a call last night while we were at a Host family get together in Pinetop and he sounded alittle confused...asking me questions that he should have known the answers too.
then he told me that he thought he had a concussion.
you see..he went to the park last night to play Rugby with some of the former football players.
and he hit the ground hard and got his bell rung!
he was not making alot of sense so i asked to speak to one of the other guys and he confirmed
that it appeared that hayden had a concussion. He could not remember how he got to the park. he thought we were was I took him in just to be safe and within minutes they had him on the backboard. He was NOT a happy camper!! lol
so he was on the board for about 3 hours before they finally cleared him to be taken off.
The doc said he did have a concussion and to take it easy for about 24 hours.
I have a feeling we will be in and out many more times before they all leave home.
Thank heavens it wasn't the motorcycle!
......i was just thinking
when you become a blogger you take pictures of the weirdest things.....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Smiles....

Just stole this adorable picture off Brittnee's blog....

she is such a sweet baby girl!

My Winnings....

Looky what I got just now!!
this is the prize I won from Heidi's site
she is also hosting more fab give aways so be sure and click on her link
and register to win!

This sweet design was made by Jill Papa
who makes these beautiful family signs
you can visit her site here

When I entered for this contest i knew EXACTLY where I wanted to hang this sign if I were to win....on our newly established "Family Wall"....I look forward to adding LOTS more pictures to this wall as our family grows!

Thank you SO much Heidi and Jill...especially Jill for being patient with me since I cant seem to make a decision these days. She was nice enough to mock up the 4 fonts I could not decide between and she sent them and that helped me to IMMEDIATELY know which one I wanted to go with! She's SO great to work with...everyone go and buy something from her site!! you WONT be disappointed!!