Saturday, November 26, 2011


A cute picture of Taylor and I while we were in DC

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Sawyers surgery went well. Everything is fixed and put back where it is suppose to go. He was in pain and on meds last night but so far today the pain has been minimal and no drugs so I think he is headed for a quick mend!

Rich and Hayden survived their sky dive adventure today.....
pictures (and maybe video) to come....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A little shout out....

For Sawyer who is having hernia surgery tomorrow
Say alittle prayer for him!

Haydens comin home....

Its been nearly four months since he left for school.....
Miss that boy...
He and his dad have some pretty big plans this weekend....
here is a hint....

Tooth Fairy.....

The tooth fairy shared a little note that she found under Noah's pillow last night
She said she had dollar in hand and found this note when she went to place the dollar under the pillow
I must say the lady at the drive thru at the bank got a pretty good chuckle when she got the note in the little canister.
Needless to say the tooth fairy is now paying out in sacajawea Dollars!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Posting this for my mom to see....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Taylor and I go to DC

I had meetings in DC this last week so I decided to take Taylor along
so she could experience the Nations Capital
We took a trolley tour around where you could get of and on at all the sights
first was the Capitol

The Smithsonian Castle
Jefferson Memorial
Lincoln Memorial

WWII Memorial....we also saw the Vietnam Memorial and the Korean War Memorial
and all the other sights along the Mall area

But we both agreed that Arlington was our Favorite stop

The White house
Taylor also was able to visit the American history Museum, Holocaust Museum, Air and Space Museum and the spy Museum
there was soooo much to see and just not enough time to see it all but we had a great time!
But she also discovered that she is a little "barn sour"....
(hope you know what i mean)HAHA

The video's are just for Brittnee....
She told me before she left how much she wants to go to Washington and to Arlington
as I mentioned, Arlington was amazing
they told us that they do between 25-35 funerals a day there
we were able to witness the Cason precession which was very touching
they asked that no pictures be taken but it was a very beautiful thing
first the Military band and then the horse drawn carriage with the casket
followed behind by the family....
it and the tomb of the unknown soldier
are great reminders of what an awesome country we live in.


Halloween was alot of fun this year....
We decided to have Brynlee come for a few days for a "trial run"
So Rich brought her home with him on Sunday
and she was over the moon to ride in "her" truck
Brittnee was coming over on Wednesday so we thought we would give it 3 days to see how she did without her momma.
She did amazing.
she did not cry or fuss or look sad one time!
but boy was she happy to see her mom when she got here and she then would not let Brittnee out of her sight! HA
Brynlee got here the day before Halloween so she got to go trunk or treating with the boys
I love this picture of her holding the hand of the evil sock monkey
no worries!
Sawyer got A LOT of comments on his costume and Noah was a pretty convincing Army guy with his backpack that James gave him for Christmas and his Paint ball gun that looked like the read deal
and of course Brynlee was the prettiest little fairy ever!

she did really was really dark and there were a lot of creepy creatures milling around
she didn't seem to mind and by the end was actually REALLY looking at them
and even talking to some.

We had a really fun time having her here with us for a few days!

Football 2011

What Handsome boys I have!!!
But if i were not there, I would have to question the whole twin thing!