Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Well...its been a year since i posted last!!! wow how time fly's and its crazy how much can happen in a year. I had not updated since then because Blogger was giving me problems uploading my photos but the problem seems to have been worked out so here is a little fast forward of what has happened in the last year!
Brittnee, Brynlee and YaYa (that me) 
went to Disneyland for Brynlee's 4th birthday
had a BLAST!!!
 Julian's family came to pick him up
We went to the Grand Canyon together
Great times!
We left the Grand Canyon and took Noah and Sawyer to Football Camp at BYU
they LOVED it!!!
Taylor and Colten got engaged!!!
7th grade football was amazing!!!
A trip to California for the boys with the exchange student group!
Taylor and Colten get Married!!
Taylor scores her first elk (Archery!!!)
We take Hayden and Charlotte's engagement photos
Rich and I go to ROME!!! 
Another AWESOME thanksgiving spent in Rocky Point
Both boys made the 7th grade basketball team....
then before the season even starts...
 Sawyer broke his collar bone snowboarding
once he was healed...he was back just in time for the last few games but...
he goes skiing again....
and breaks his arm!!!
Went to Cancun with my momma

Took Noah, Sawyer, Austin and my sister Lynn on a spring break Caribbean Cruise 
BEST vacation EVER!
Hayden and Charlotte get married!!!
Noah and Sawyer both did track and did GREAT!!!

so there ya go...our year in a nutshell
hope to be back before next year!!