Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring break

Spring break is upon us and its pretty uneventful so far. We did not go out of town like 90% of the community did. We caught alot of flak from the kids for not planning to go somewhere but honestly it just pretty much slipped my mind to plan something because in the past we have never been able to go anywhere because Hayden was playing baseball and its pretty much "against the law" to leave town if your playing baseball. So it just has never been in my mindset to plan a vacation during spring break...oh well....maybe next year. So Rich has been working and the kids have been playing...friends over everyday, sleepovers etc...trying to make it somewhat fun! Hayden has been working hard doing yard work to pay off his parents for the snowboard "he" bought in October as well as his traffic school costs for his speeding ticket. His good good friend Dolan has been here visiting from Utah and they have been hanging out 24/7 for the most part. He is going on a fishing trip tomorrow with a few of his buddies and is excited about that and he had a big bon fire here tonight with about 20 kids (so i guess not everyone left town) that was a good activity that we will be happy to host again in the future. Austin has been working each day at the theater. Taylor has been hanging out with Dolans little sister. Noah and Sawyer have been hanging out with anyone that is around to hang out with and Quade is pretty board. He loves school and pretty much does not like a change in his routine. He has been listening to his music player pretty much none stop but that's really about it. Its finally warm enough for everyone to play outside and stay out at night jumping on the tramp. In fact, Taylor, Noah and Sawyer have slept outside in the tent or on the tramp every night for the last 4 nights. Ahhhhhhhh it looks like spring is finally here. I am leaving Thursday to chaperon an "EF discovery tour" trip with my sister Lynn. We will be gone for 9 days in chilly Boston, Manhattan and Washington DC. We are really looking forward to that so i have just spent most of my time this week trying to keep the house clean (that's a joke) and trying to keep up with the laundry so that i can leave the house and kids in the trusted hands of my hubby! He is the greatest for letting me go and I love him for letting me do this! thanks Rich, Your the BEST! I will be back after the 6th with more pictures im sure.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pinewood Derby

Well Noah and Sawyers 8th birthday just happened to be the same day as the pinewood derby. So they doned their brand new scout uniforms and after opening presents we set out to their first scouting activity. Nothing like firing them up for scouting by starting out with a super exciting activity. They spent the previous week working on their cars with their dad. Needless to say, we know how to make the cars look COOL but were not so hot when it comes to making them FAST. So we have some studying to do before next year. Sawyers car came in 4th place (last) all night long and at first he was upset but after awhile he didn't really care anymore. Noah's car came in either 2nd or 4th all night long. But like i said..we know how to make a "pretty" car as Noah got 3rd in show!
Welcome to Scouting boys!!

Derby Video

Here is a video of the Derby when Noah and Sawyer were

in the same race. Sawyer is in the first lane and Noah is in

the last lane.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Another birthday!

Yet another birthday...i can not believe my littlest babies are 8 years old today! where has the time gone. It seems like just yesterday that we were in Idaho awaiting the arrival of these sweet "bonus babies" but at the same time it seems like a lifetime ago.....

Happy Birthday "babies" (hayden says they will ALWAYS be called "the babies"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Noah and Sawyer signed up to do a week long "little kids" wrestling clinic... Noah went the first day and then ended up getting sick and staying home the rest of the week. Sawyer went to every practice. On the last day they had a tournament in which they both competed. They divided all the kids up into small groups. The boys did really well. Noah received a 2nd place and Sawyer got 1st place! way to go little wrestling dudes!

San Antonio

I returned home on sunday evening from a very well kept house! way to go Rich!! We had a good meeting and a good time in San Antonio. I got to spend time with my mom and my sister and with alot of friends that i enjoy spending time with. Our meetings went well (this was an EF trip) and i learned alot. I never realized what a cool place San Antonio is...i was really not at all excited to go to texas but once we got there we found it to be very beautiful. In San Antonio, they have what they call "The Riverwalk"... basically it is a canal that runs through the heart of downtown. On the riverwalk they have a TON of resteraunts all facing the river. Most with outdoor seating. It really is just beautiful. They have river taxis that take you from place to place. We spent all our extra time on the Riverwalk. We also got to have a special treat in as it was St. Patricks day weekend and this meant there were many bagpipers and Irish bands in and around The Riverwalk. They even had a parade on a boat where the band/bagpipers would go down the river on a boat, past all that would stop to watch them. The other cool thing they do for St. Patties day is that they turn the river green!!! yep!! green!! When we arrived on friday it was just a normal mucky color but by the end of the weekend it was VERY green!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Im leaving in the morning for Texas! we have an EF meeting there this weekend and Rich has decided for the first time to sit this one i will be traveling with my mom and meeting "the girls" there (you know who you are!! LOL) Im looking forward to it...even though its a meeting we do have alot of fun!! Maybe i will have a picture or two to post when i get back.
See ya when i get back!

expensive boys

The "babies" birthday is coming up quick and I decided I cant afford to have 8 year old twins!!
I made a trip over to the book store to get their scouting uniforms since their first pack meeting/pinewood derby is the same night as their birthday. And.....Ghezzz Louise...2 scout shirts, patches for both, 2 scout book, 2 neckerchiefs, and 2 slides for the neckerchiefs....$98!!!!! And I still have to get them scriptures, $64 each without cases to put them in....and ghezzz maybe something FUN for their birthdays!! ...oh and I need to get them some new Sunday clothes for their baptism.... these two are going to break the bank and they are only 8 !!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Good News!

Brittnee got the Job at the boys ranch, she starts today and will shadow for a few weeks to be sure she knows all the ins and out and to make sure she is cut out for working with the boys. They let her know that this is much different then the kids shes used to working with as those kids usually WANT to be where they are, doing what they are doing...which is not the case for these boys so we will see how it goes. I think she is excited for and up to the challenge! ...Also Rich came back from taking her to her new home with a glowing report of the place she is living and the people she has met. So moms mind is put at ease for now...whewwww

Monday, March 3, 2008

Haydens 18!


I cant believe my baby is 18 today!! Happy birtha day hayden!!
Man, i am getting old...i now have three "adult" children!
how did that happen!! LOL
Each birthday this year seems to remind me that im not a spring chicken anymore.
Although it was fun rubbing it in with Hayden that he was the only one of our babies that caused so much trouble coming into this world that i have scars to show for it!!!
But for the most part that is the only real trouble he has caused in his 18 years!!!
He is a true joy to us and we feel very lucky to have such a smart, friendly, out going,
considerate,(to others, not his brotha's) kind, gentle hearted, son.
He is really a good kid and i can only hope now that he is 18 that does not somehow magically change.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


well i have not posted in awhile 1. because there was not anything new and 2.(the main reason) was because i loved going to the blog and seeing the rainbow picture and hearing the rainbow song! oh well i think its time to move on.....speaking of moving on, Brittnee has decided its time to move on. she left her job of just over a year at Hidden Meadow Ranch in Greer and is moving today to Sierra Vista. She is on the road as i type, car loaded down with all that she owns(and alittle of what we own) and Rich is pulling the horse trailer with her prize possession... "Dallas". She has plans to work at a Boys ranch with their horse program but she has one more interview to insure the job. lets keep our fingers crossed, otherwise she will be working anywhere she can find a job. She has some temporary housing with hopes of getting into a different place once she gets a job.
hummmm this is the interesting part of being a parent. The part where your kids grow up and make their own plans and have their own ideas and weather you agree or not you have to step back and let them do what they will. Having her move ALL of her stuff from our house, me turning her birth certificate over to her (this was especially hard for some weird reason). And just basically letting go....I told her when she left today that i felt like i was loosing her and i just wanted my little girl back. Don't think that went over well LOL. Its not that we were seeing her often when she lived in Greer but this is just so far away that i feel like we will just never see her now. babbling now so i will finish this up by saying this....

Letting go is the hardest part of being a parent!