Thursday, March 24, 2011

speaking of babies....

I think ours have grown up...
no one really calls them the babies anymore :(
The "babies" turned 11 years old this last Monday!!
isn't that INSANE????
I just don't know how this happened so fast...
here are a few birthday pictures..

 And another one of those series of photos
 in hopes of ONE good one!

Happy Birthday to my BABIES!!!

Brynlee baby....

While we were away, our wonderful Brittnee came AGAIN to watch the troops!
what would we do without our wonderful Brittnee??
well of course she brought with her our Brynlee Baby
I brought Brynlee home this cute outfit so I had to get some pictures of her in it before she went home.
Isn't she the cutest!!??!!

 Just look at those eyes!!!!
love this baby girl

Vegas Baby.....

So two weeks ago we were able to go to Las Vegas for an EF meeting. We decided this time, since it was semi close to just go ahead and drive rather then fly. Doing this allowed us to be able to take a couple kids with us. Since Hayden just turned 21 we thought it was a good choice to take him and then we went ahead and took Taylor too. Its hard for a 21 year old to get in too much trouble when he is attached to a 16 year old right??haha..
So we had a great time and did alot of things and saw alot of things.
I'm sure you have all seen plenty of pictures of Vegas so I wont bore you with that but i did want to share with you a funny series of pictures....
WHY does it take multiple pictures to get ONE good shot of the hooligans?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yes it is True!!!

He Turns 21 today!!!
HOW do these things happen so fast??
He came into the world in his own way
and he has lived his life the same
(never a dull moment when Hayden is around)
lucky for us
his own way is a good way
love this boy!
Very proud he is my son...