Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Girls Camp....

Each summer (for the last 9 years, we just figured out) my mom and my sisters have attended "Girls Camp" while starting out, we would go to my moms "cabin" for our summer retreat. But as you can see...our destinations have gotten alittle more exotic!

Want to take this opportunity to compliment Tammy on her photography skills! LOL ;)

and then there is our mom.....oh our mom!
never a dull moment. She is such fun to tease and she always takes it so well!
we love you mom!!!
Here she is taking her shower....weird, I know!
and of course this was my first opportunity to shop for our little bug....
Gymboree is a Grandma's best friend!
look at this stinkin cute outfit I found...came with a super cute little bucket hat too...

see the little hula girl on the shirt and pants?
She got an adorable 4th of July outfit too but you will have to wait till the weekend to see it!!

Sunday Rose....

so much scrutiny for Nicole and Keith for naming their baby Sunday Rose....
but after seeing our little Brynlee all dressed up for her first trip to church 2 Sunday's ago
I totally get it....the first words that came to my mind were...

side note...i know that is not why they named their baby Sunday Rose....im just sayin'

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blog Music...

Question for ya.....does music on peoples blogs annoye you? I know some people have it and some people dont. I figure if people dont like it they can turn down their sound but i have found myself doing that more and more often on my own blog! LOL...so im puttin' up a poll...let me know what you think about blog music----------->

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Winner, Winner, chicken dinner....

I'm a blog prize winner!
that's a first!!
whoo hoo
I entered to win a prize that was being thrown up on
the meanest mom blog!
if you have never read her blog, its a mUsT!!!
I won a Gift Cert to
Brittnee will be sending out some pretty sWeEt birth announcements thanks to
Paper Culture and the Meanest Mom

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Friday, June 12, 2009


We May be Turning into a BABY Blog..... ;)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Brynlee's daddy goes back to work......We will miss him and will keep his family safe and well until his return....this time next year.
We are glad that you are part of our family and you make us proud with the work that you do. We are so so glad that you were able to be here when your family grew from 2 to 3!

Cool sale!

if you have a baby(brittnee) or are having a baby (kacie, johnna) you will want to check this out!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Brynlee Claire Bowdoin

8lbs 13 oz

21 1/2 inches

6/2/2009 at 8:58am

First of all I must apologize to everyone that has been waiting on pins and needles for pictures all day today...I had alittle mishap that about ended my life.....

I took some GREAT pictures from our little Brynlee's delivery and then I spent the day hanging out and getting to know her. Late this afternoon I came home and went straight to the computer to download the pictures....I put the card in and a bunch of gobbley goop showed up where my pictures were suppose to be. SOOO I put the card back in the camera to be sure my photos were still there, after all Brittnee and I had looked through them many times today. welllll, they were gone! the card came up saying no images found! I was so sick and I started bawling (which says alot because I cant remember the last time I cried, its been years!) I just could NOT believe this was happening. what could I do...I had heard on forensic shows that even after the images are deleted they are actually still stored somehow on the card. Was this true or made for TV fiction? I set forth investigating. I made a few phone calls and started looking on the Internet for a solution because I just could not convince myself that they were gone and there was no way to retrieve them. Finally, We took the card to our good friend Todd who helped me figure it out and I was able to purchase some software to retrieve the lost photos! thank goodness because I did NOT have the heart to tell Brittnee that all the images of the day were lost...sick I tell ya, I was SICK!
~still feeling alittle nauseated over the whole thing~

Our day in images..............

Story to come, I'm sure.....we will leave that up to Brittnee to post on her site.
But I will say, she did an AMAZING Job bringing this little girl into the world!