Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Girls Camp....

Each summer (for the last 9 years, we just figured out) my mom and my sisters have attended "Girls Camp" while starting out, we would go to my moms "cabin" for our summer retreat. But as you can see...our destinations have gotten alittle more exotic!

Want to take this opportunity to compliment Tammy on her photography skills! LOL ;)

and then there is our mom.....oh our mom!
never a dull moment. She is such fun to tease and she always takes it so well!
we love you mom!!!
Here she is taking her shower....weird, I know!
and of course this was my first opportunity to shop for our little bug....
Gymboree is a Grandma's best friend!
look at this stinkin cute outfit I found...came with a super cute little bucket hat too...

see the little hula girl on the shirt and pants?
She got an adorable 4th of July outfit too but you will have to wait till the weekend to see it!!


Mauricio and Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness she looks just like Brittnee in that last picture! So adorable!

granny said...

Mom in the shower. Well that was scary until the picture finally appeared. ugh.
Hey for me I miss the music.
ps I looked in my little "summer camp" diary I started but never kept up and the first one was......
July 16, 1998 so it is eleven years this year.