Friday, October 19, 2012


Austin was invited to go to Utah for two weeks to Fish with Grandpa
They had a very successful time!
70 Fish in all were Caught..
Austin had the time of his life

Monday, October 8, 2012

Time for some football!

here are some shots from last Saturdays football game (Noah is #1 and Sawyer is #80)




trying to block the pass

QB keeper


 Noah making a sac

Noah getting a 3 man squeeze

Noah running the ball

So much missed

well it has been too long since i i have too much to update!!
lets start from the beginning....
Just as school was starting we had a really weird day....
Noah was at a friends house and got bit by their dog

while we were at the doctor getting a couple stitches i get a call from Taylor
who was at Rich's softball game and turned her ankle when she was walking up the stairs
so I left Noah in the good car of the doctor and I ran to get Taylor' a boot for 5 weeks
then not just a few weeks later, Somehow (no idea how) Quade Broke his arm.
He woke up one morning and was complaining about it hurting so Rich took him in and it was Broken. He was in a cast for just 3 weeks though.
So now...hopefully, everyone is on the mend and the "they come in three's" is over at our house!

My sister Lynn and I ran away from home. She retired this year from the police dept. and needed a celebration vacation so we put our heads together and decided to go to St. Maartin, Virgin Islands
It was fun but most was relaxing. No schedule just relax and relax some more
here are some photos from that trip....

a view from our room

Lynn kick back on the beach

a view of our hotel from our beach

the infinity pool

again from the infinity pool

love the sunsets

we went on a horseback ride

and we went on a sunset cruise around the island

it was beautiful!

the next day we went on an all day snorkel trip

this is the little private island we stopped at for snorkeling..way better then Hawaii!

the water was soooo amazingly blue

These were taken the last night before we flew home

Good bye St Maartin!

After we got home I got a call from Brittnee letting me know that she had had a miscarriage
so that weekend I left to go spend a few days helping her out while she recovered
it was a pretty traumatic experience and it will be a slow recovery for her

just before i left to go to Britt's, I got a call from Hayden and Charlotte with Great news!
they are engaged !!!!
We love Charlotte and are excited to add her to our family.
No date has been set yet.

Then last weekend we went to the fall festival parade to watch Noah march with the Young Marines
he Joined the Young Marines a few weeks ago and he really loves it

Also that weekend Julian went to Home Coming...

Julian is off at havasupi with the other exchange students hiking this weekend...
so...i think this brings us up to date
Next up...Ireland!!!
then a meeting in Philly
and then Mexico for Thanksgiving!!

I will be adding some of Noah and Sawyer's football pictures next....
stay tuned

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I think out exchange student is fitting in nicely! LOL

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I know, I a blog slacker! just been alittle too busy for blogging but i did want to introduce our newest family memeber. This is Julian from Germany who has chosen to join our family for the next 10 months. Poor boy!! haha seriously...hes great and we love him already!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Home Sweet Home!
We have moved..
will post more photos once i have everything put away

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Noah had an awesome season! Hes a great catcher and a pretty good Pitcher too.
He had 3 out of the part home runs as well.
 One more game to to go!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sawyer's Game

Sawyer had an Awesome game last night!!!
He played 1st for the first time and had a great catch for an out and also got a grounder and a tag out.
Up to bat he had 4 bunts, 3 of which landed him on 1st
Way to go Sawyer!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Night Noah hit his 3rd out of the park home run of the season!