Thursday, February 7, 2008


Rainbows! and boy did we see lots of them!!! This one was from the top of Diamond head!


Another experience that i wanted to relate was when we went with the exchange kids to visit Pearl Harbor. When we went out to the memorial that stands over the U.S.S Arizona there was a park ranger there that was trying very hard to untangle the HUGE American flag that flys over the memorial. It was a very windy day and she was having a very hard time... Some of our kids stepped in to help and it ended up being a lenghy period of time they were needed. Some of the kids caught some great shots of them helping with the flag and after it was over and we were walking away. Some of the kids mentioned how cool it was to be part of that and said it was one of the coolest things they had ever been apart of. It was nice to see the respect and excitment the kids had for the flag of our country. We were so proud of them for offering to help. Really, a great group of kids!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hawaii Trip

Rich and I just returned from our annual Hawaii trip with the exchange students. It was very fun and VERY wet! I think we had a total of 2 REAL sunny days (just enough to regain my tan) but even then they were a bit chilly...we wore our Jackets more then we ever have on this trip and that was pretty much everyday. We visited alot of places and did alot of things. We visited Several different beaches, Waikiki, the North Shore, rode the catamaran, snorkled, PCC, Pearl Harbor, Poly lookout, hiked diamond head and the lighthouse trail, the famous flea market, saw plenty of rainbows, and im sure there are several things im leaving out. The kids were great and were very well behaved and followed all the rules (or at least they had us snowed into believing they were following the rules LOL) the whole group played all the silly games we planned and did not complain or think they were stupid. They were a very lively group who were very helpful when we needed it and always asked to help when we did not need it. They truly made this trip one of the best, with the rain and all!