Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday my Burly Man!!

Today is the day.........
I have been thinking for awhile about what I would post today.
A friend had told me about how her son told his friend on her 16th birthday, 16 things he liked about her. So i thought it was a great idea and that I would do the same for Rich on his birthday..but I cant get away with only 16 things, so I will have to go with....
46 Things I love about my Burly Man!
1. He is a very very calm and Patient person and does not get upset over things we can't control
2. He is not an arguer, we NEVER fight
3. He takes excellent care of his family, both monetarily and physically
4. He is easy to talk to
5. He loves and cares about his kids and can be both loving and firm
6. He loves his wife unconditionally (which I'm sure is not easy)
7. He is a good priesthood holder and takes responsibility for his family
8. He took me to the Temple, Because he loved me enough that he wanted to be with me forever
9. He is involved in his family and gives up his desires to be with and do things with his kids
10. He is a hard worker and a company man who will do what is required of him and will go the extra mile for his employees, always keeping in mind the good of the company.
11. He makes and keeps friends easily
12. He pays attention to the world around him
13. He listens to Glenn Beck
14. He reads and studies like no other. His brain is still a sponge.
15. He is able to discern the truth from fiction
16. He is SMART
17. He loves His Heavenly Father
18. He loves and respects his parents
19. He talks to me and shares his opinions and ideas with me about everything
20. He values my ideas and opinions
21. He lets his little ones sit on his lap
22. He lets one of those little ones sleep in his bed... STILL
23. He is prepared and continues to prepare
24. He can fix things..from bikes, to cars, to broken hearts
25. He is strong, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually
26. He does not make me feel guilty for my shortcomings
27. He takes me out FREQUENTLY
28. He is not a complainer or a whiner
29. He is a coach and has been on many different occasions with Many different sports. And he is good at it!
30. He attends his kids concerts, sporting events, conferences, awards assembly's and banquets.
31. He plays softball...STILL
32. I admire his ability to speak in front of others...He can be captivating to listen too.
33. As Sawyer would say....He knows stuff!
34. He lets me spend time and take trips with my family and friends.
35. He encourages me to get out, go places and do things
36. He is so SOOOOOOOOO good with Quade
37. He has a nice butt! and still looks good in his 501's
38. He is frugal (OK I admit this is not something I love but its a very good trait!)
39. He is not into worldly or material things
40. He is FUNNY and has a great sense of humor
41. He sticks up for me and tells the Bishopric..."NO she does not speak in Church" LOL
42. He CAN COOK!!! and makes GREAT food.
43. He never puts me down or belittles me or the things I do.
44. He is MY Burly Man and he is very loyal.
45. He is still sexy to me!
46. He is my very VERY best friend!
That was an amazingly simple thing to do. I expected it to be hard but it was soooo EASY!
and THAT says alot!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Isn't she a cutie!

Taylor just got her softball pictures back...pretty cute i think!

Another Win....

2008 Senior Yellow Jacket

Blue Ridge Wins over Snowflake last night 55-20. Hayden was able to add another sack to his stats.

and a loss....the little boys played on Saturday and lost big time to a valley team. They finished up the season winning everyone of their region games but loosing 3 games, all to the (recruiting) valley teams.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sawyer's Turn...

Well it finally happened. 2nd grade classes voted again this month on the 2 kids in each class to win the Character Counts award...this time for Responsibility. And Sawyer received the award for his class. He was so happy and excited. And of course, as expected, as soon as the assembly was over he asked me if i knew where his black back pack was (cuz he has about a dozen backpacks and loves to take a different one every day) because the gift certificate that Noah gave him last month was in there and he wanted to give it back to him now that he had his own. So i guess its time to make that trip to McDonald's.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Here is a Picture that was taken of Hayden by Joe at the Sportszone. It was taken when we played Show Low last week! This is Hayden chasing down the Show Low Quarterback.
Great picture!!


This is a closeup of his face from the previous picture! that is one MEAN boy!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Blue Ridge looses to Payson 13-7... very tuff tuff game. Exciting till the very end.

Friday, October 17, 2008

For Nie...

If your not too busy Next Saturday night. Take a date and go to this event. It is sure to be inspiring and uplifting...and if nothing it for Stephanie as all proceeds will go to her and her husbands recovery. (if you have no idea what im talking about you can go to Stephanies blog through the link on my blog.)
(I hear her sweet little girls will be singing a song dedicated to their mother)
The concert will be next Saturday, October 25th at Mountain View High School in Mesa. Tickets are available online at (see: Events) or at Pioneer Books in Mesa. Also, tickets will be available at the door, only if they don't sell out first!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Harvest!

Well Rich planted a garden this year and i must say, it was a pretty fine little garden too! He took very very good care of his garden and would stop to look at it EVERYDAY when he was pulling out of the drive way. We got alot of yummy stuff to eat and had alot of yummy veggie sample trays and we ate alot of tomatos right off the vine, all of which the kids really loved. But alas...the freeze came on Saturday so we had to go out and pluck all that was left....alot of what was left was miniature(not done growin) but it was fun just the same.

Little guys football

Forgot to post that the little guys also beat Show Low on Saturday. I was at Taylor's game so i did not get to see it but it was a good little "spankin" don't remember the score...sorry

Friday, October 10, 2008


Blue Ridge wins 49-0 over Show Low
Hayden got his first sack this season tonight! YEAH


What a turn around our 8th grade girls softball team has made. They played Show Low on Tuesday and were winning for the whole game. Show low came back at the end of the last inning and beat us 9-8. It was a hard lose but showed such improvement from our girls.

Then yesterday started the playoff tournament. And we played Show Low again, but this time we beat them 13-8! So we go to the second round and play Snowflake tomorrow at 9am. Taylor is not getting alot of playing time which disappoints her some, but she is extremely happy to be part of it all and is having fun.

We survived...

Well we survived the Team dinner... But it was a whirlwind! The boys were in at 6:00 and out by 6:40~
Our Menu
Pulled pork sandwiches with BBQ sauce
Corn on the Cob
Potato Salad
Baked beans
Apple cobbler with Ice Cream

Noah assessing the crowd

Quade hanging out with the boys

Let's hope things go better then they did last night for the freshman and JV Teams who both lost to Show Low...

They are expecting a record crowd, several thousand people are expected. Its senior night (last home game so they honor the seniors) and its black out...meaning the boys get to pull out the new black uniforms that they only wear once a year and the crowd is suppose to dress all in black.

Should be a very interesting and exciting evening!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Wish me luck....i have to FEED 30-40 football players tomorrow night! IN MY HOUSE.....YIKES

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Homecoming 2008

Home coming was this week and Hayden took Jerica to the dance.Here are a few pictures.

What a stud!!! or a goofball? take your pick

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weekly sports update

Taylor's Softball team WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO
They played Canyon day (whiteriver Jr) and beat them! they were soo excited to have a win that they could hardly contain their excitement! we are sooooo proud of them. Final score was 16-5 they did really really well.

The Varsity football team won Friday night against was homecoming and it was a good game. Alchesay has improved so much and they are big and strong...and we beat them 49-12. Hayden had a great game and was up to 30 tackles (still 3rd on the team) before this game. He is still one of the captains each week too (makes his momma happy! LOL) We Play Show Low next week..should be an exciting game.

Noah and Sawyer had a FANTASTIC game today...they beat Round Valley 13-6. Noah made both touch downs and Sawyer had his best game ever with several tackles in the back field. He was ON FIRE!!!!

Rich, Austin, Josh (Austins friend) and Taylor are off today to go to the UofA game. This was Austins birthday present and he was sooooo excited to go. I hope they have a great time!

The highlight of the week was Austins Birthday....there have been lots of festivities this week for homecoming and on Thursday there was so much going on that Austin never got home to celebrate his birthday until about 9pm. They had a big bonfire that night so Rich and I went to the store to get his birthday presents (No I'm not a procrastinator, I'm just REALLY busy!) So we are turning on to our street to come home and low and behold there is a fire truck parked in front of our house!!! can you say...FREAK OUT! Just when we pull up they put the lights on ....flashing.....crazy.....whats going on??? so we pull in the driveway and Austin hops out of the truck!!! THE FIREMEN (from our ward) GAVE HIM A RIDE HOME.....AFTER...he helped them put out the bonfire with the big hose!!!! LOL......ya gotta love that kid!!!!
Thanks to the firemen for making his day that much better! you guys are awesome!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Birthday Boy!

I cant believe how time flies....he was just a sweet little baby, what seems like days ago. Now he is a sweet 20 year old young man! Austin has turned out to be such a fine, nice, caring, fun person with many thanks to give to all the people who have worked with him through the years. They taught him how to be polite and caring (maybe he learned alittle of that at home too)

Our little Buddha baby (i bet you'd never guess that he was a chunk once!!)

Austin and his best friend Josh sharing the podium after tying in the long jump in the special Olympics a few years ago.

here is a poem that Rich wrote for Austin that went in his senior yearbook in the dedications...maybe alittle dated but true just the same..even to this day, i think he is still Blue Ridges biggest fan!

Austin Jones

Thanks for the ride
At times we wanted to hide
From the crazy and weird things you did.
As you have your own style.
And the people that smile.
At our goofy, and tall skinny kid.

Dolphin tag what a game
Will Blue Ridge ever be the same?
And as the cheer “let’s go Austin” dies out
Not many will doubt
Of the difference you made.
On your way to 12th grade.

Not afraid to stand out
Or to get up and shout
Sometimes it was you and none else.
The courage it takes
To find new hands to shake
It’s a wonder how brave you can be.

What a journey it’s been
With one of BR’s biggest fans
And the joy and the fun we have had
So this we say now
That of you we are proud
And are glad that you are our son.

Mom and Dad

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Quade's new Sentence...

Quade has a ton of words...but no real sentences....
he now says (all the time)

They go watch the varsity boys practice now and then and also go and watch Noah and Sawyers practices...this is one of Quades all time favorite things to everyday....after school.....for the next 3 hours ....he says....
GO FOOTBALL DAD? (translation....Are we going to football Dad??? PLEASSSSSE)