Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday my Burly Man!!

Today is the day.........
I have been thinking for awhile about what I would post today.
A friend had told me about how her son told his friend on her 16th birthday, 16 things he liked about her. So i thought it was a great idea and that I would do the same for Rich on his birthday..but I cant get away with only 16 things, so I will have to go with....
46 Things I love about my Burly Man!
1. He is a very very calm and Patient person and does not get upset over things we can't control
2. He is not an arguer, we NEVER fight
3. He takes excellent care of his family, both monetarily and physically
4. He is easy to talk to
5. He loves and cares about his kids and can be both loving and firm
6. He loves his wife unconditionally (which I'm sure is not easy)
7. He is a good priesthood holder and takes responsibility for his family
8. He took me to the Temple, Because he loved me enough that he wanted to be with me forever
9. He is involved in his family and gives up his desires to be with and do things with his kids
10. He is a hard worker and a company man who will do what is required of him and will go the extra mile for his employees, always keeping in mind the good of the company.
11. He makes and keeps friends easily
12. He pays attention to the world around him
13. He listens to Glenn Beck
14. He reads and studies like no other. His brain is still a sponge.
15. He is able to discern the truth from fiction
16. He is SMART
17. He loves His Heavenly Father
18. He loves and respects his parents
19. He talks to me and shares his opinions and ideas with me about everything
20. He values my ideas and opinions
21. He lets his little ones sit on his lap
22. He lets one of those little ones sleep in his bed... STILL
23. He is prepared and continues to prepare
24. He can fix things..from bikes, to cars, to broken hearts
25. He is strong, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually
26. He does not make me feel guilty for my shortcomings
27. He takes me out FREQUENTLY
28. He is not a complainer or a whiner
29. He is a coach and has been on many different occasions with Many different sports. And he is good at it!
30. He attends his kids concerts, sporting events, conferences, awards assembly's and banquets.
31. He plays softball...STILL
32. I admire his ability to speak in front of others...He can be captivating to listen too.
33. As Sawyer would say....He knows stuff!
34. He lets me spend time and take trips with my family and friends.
35. He encourages me to get out, go places and do things
36. He is so SOOOOOOOOO good with Quade
37. He has a nice butt! and still looks good in his 501's
38. He is frugal (OK I admit this is not something I love but its a very good trait!)
39. He is not into worldly or material things
40. He is FUNNY and has a great sense of humor
41. He sticks up for me and tells the Bishopric..."NO she does not speak in Church" LOL
42. He CAN COOK!!! and makes GREAT food.
43. He never puts me down or belittles me or the things I do.
44. He is MY Burly Man and he is very loyal.
45. He is still sexy to me!
46. He is my very VERY best friend!
That was an amazingly simple thing to do. I expected it to be hard but it was soooo EASY!
and THAT says alot!!


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Rich!

Tiffany said...

Now that is blogging!!! Burly man, I like it!