Monday, September 27, 2010

When i came home from California....

We had two new members of the family....

their names are Stew and Cassi (as in Casserole)

Friday, September 24, 2010

What a crazy last couple of weeks its been...
I had a minor procedure done on my feet to remove
the screws in my ankles that i had put in last year.
they are corrected now but the screws were really causing me alot of pain
so we took them out. So that was two weeks ago Thursday...then on the following Tuesday i got the flu and was down for the count...i was very worried as we were suppose to be leaving Wednesday to take the exchange kids to California and how in the world was i going to drive 9 hours to California with the flu????
well luckily with alot of sleep i was feeling better by Wednesday but still not 100% as i had a horrible cough (still do) but we went and we had a ton of fun!!
here are all the kids outside universal studios
we met alot of celebrities while we were was just amazing
went to this little club and ran into Will Smith..
 Did alittle skateboarding with Tony Hawk

 Not sure how i ended up here???
Ran into the Rock...he was really digging me but i had to tell him i was already in a relationship.
 He took it pretty hard.
Saw Miss Haley Berry at some awards show...
got a picture of her but I was alittle under dressed to get one with her.

 We were able to sit next to Jack though...that was pretty cool.
 He was really into my friend Dawn
Then we ran over to that school where they film Glee
Sue was there...she was not in a very good mood, but what else is new!

And then when we were waiting for a bus we ran into Mr Hanks...he wanted to share his chocolate with me!
he is such a sweeeeet guy that Tom Hanks....but since he had not opened the box yet I told him he really ought to take it home and share it with his momma...
overall it was a great trip....
I don't know if my room mates thought so as I pretty much kept everyone up all night with my cough!
but oh well...I finally seem to be on the mend


The kids sports are going AWESOME....
Taylor's JV soccer team is undefeated at 5-0 now!
Go Lady Jackets!!
Taylor almost scored her first goal last week but the ball had other ideas...
maybe next time

Noah and Sawyer's football team is undefeated as well
their record right now is 3-0
Noah is the full time QB
both boys play 1st team
 Defense and Offense

Labor Day....

 Sorry...I'm way behind on my posts. Mostly due to being sick, slow computer and busyness
Labor day weekend we didn't really do anything super exciting but we did take the kids up the mountain a bit to have a picnic and do some paint balling....

Taylor, Sawyer and Noah
 Cute Boy
yep...thats my girl! haha
 Noah liked playing in the creek
And so did pepper!
This is one silly dog we can see in the video that her favorite thing to do is to dig rocks out of the creek...any time you take her to the creek or lake this is her favorite activity

this was the pile she had collected after about 20 minutes

 Good times!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Today was the little guys first football game against Show Low. We won 12-6, it was a GREAT game and the boys did awesome. Noah started and Played on both defense and Offense and stayed in for the whole game. Sawyer also played both sides of the ball and only came out for four series. Click HERE for some photos from today's game. Noah is Number 73 (i know that is not a Quarter Back number but it WAS Hayden's Number is High school so that is the number Noah chose) Sawyer is number 80.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Taylor made the JV soccer team again this year
But with much work through the summer she is much better this year then last
she started soccer last year on a whim with a friend who talked her into trying out
this year her friend has moved and Taylor did all the hard work it took to improve

Their first game was yesterday and they won 5-1 against Payson
Taylor did not start but she got ALOT of playing time
which she was VERY happy about
she had more playing time i think in this one game
then she had all last season
so its good to see that her coach sees improvement and effort too!
incidentally the Varsity girls won 5-1 yesterday too
and both boys teams won 5-1 Today...
weird huh???
we are looking forward to a fun season
its so much funner to watch when your kid actually plays
rather then sitting the bench 90% of the time

Go Girl~ you got this!