Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Taylor made the JV soccer team again this year
But with much work through the summer she is much better this year then last
she started soccer last year on a whim with a friend who talked her into trying out
this year her friend has moved and Taylor did all the hard work it took to improve

Their first game was yesterday and they won 5-1 against Payson
Taylor did not start but she got ALOT of playing time
which she was VERY happy about
she had more playing time i think in this one game
then she had all last season
so its good to see that her coach sees improvement and effort too!
incidentally the Varsity girls won 5-1 yesterday too
and both boys teams won 5-1 Today...
weird huh???
we are looking forward to a fun season
its so much funner to watch when your kid actually plays
rather then sitting the bench 90% of the time

Go Girl~ you got this!