Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Answer.....

Well here is the scoop...today Hayden was riding home with his good friend Jeremy and Jeremy got pulled over (like thats something new..NOT) and the officer asked the occupants of the car to step out of the car. She then asked to see their ID....She then went to her car to "check them out" and came back and said to Hayden..."I see you have a few tickets recently"...ummmm yes Mamm (mom note: see those speeding tickets and the lead foot do come back to haunt you!) so she then proceeds to get out her ticket book...then tells hayden..."i need you to look at this"...so she shows him this piece of paper....
(oh i should add..Hayden is pretty scared at this point)
and this is what it says...
Hayden Jones, on the 26th day of April 2008
you are hereby ordered by the state of Arizona
to escort Jerica Flowers to the Prom
at 9pm to Midnight.
In other words Hayden,
YES I will go to prom with you!!!
Here is your ticket...
(and she inclosed their ticket to prom)
way to go Jerica....you did a good job!!!

More Medals...

Track is going pretty good for Hayden...he got a new personal best in Shot last week and they got medals in the shot/disc relay. This is where they take the top three throwers from each school and combine their scores to determine the winner...Haydens team from Blue Ridge took first! yeah!!
Taylor on the other hand is not doing so good in track..in fact she is not doing it at all...a week and ahalf ago she hurt her knee and its just now starting to feel better..she was on crutches for a week and is still limping around but is at least walking on it. Doctor said it was probably sprained. So she is out for the rest of the season since they will be finishing up here in the next week.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary.....

Well its been 24 years today! So "Way to go to us!!" LOL... Honestly, its been a GREAT 24 years and I could not have picked a better man to have. I really can say I'm married to my best friend! He is such a great husband. And i am one very lucky girl!
Thanks Sweetheart for making my life such a great one!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Calling

Rich was called today to be the ward clerk...very unexpected! LOL should be interesting

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Disney Princess

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Boys Baptism

Well the day finally came for the boys baptism....it was a great day and we had alot of family and some friends that were there to support them on their happy day. Way to go boys on your choice to be baptized and confirmed members of the church!

Baptism Gone Bad

We are just really Happy that THIS did not happen at the boys baptism....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Knight in shinning Armor

Well Hayden had to come up with an original idea for asking his girlfriend to Prom. So why not take advantage of that suit of armor that hangs in his room! so this is what he did. He put his armor on and in between 1st and 2nd hour he came out into the senior commons and stood on a riser and made a proclamation.....unfurling his document...this is what he said....

Hear ye, Hear ye

(very loudly and everyone stopped what they were doing)

On this the ninth day of the fourth month of the year two thousand and eight. let it be known that the presence of the fair maiden, Miss Jerica Flowers, is requested in attendance at the forever young ball to be held on the twenty sixth day of the fourth month of the year two thousand and eight. by none other then my shinny self, Sir Hayden Jones. And for those of you who don't get it.....Jerica, will you go to prom with me????

He did a great job and it was a big hit!

And a knight in shinning armor gets the girl every time!!

Arlington and Cherry Blossoms

At Arlington we got to watch the changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier. That was a really neat experience and again....the cherry blossoms were just beautiful!

Washington DC

We spent the final part of our trip in Washington DC...it was very pretty there as all the cherry blossoms were out. We started off visiting the old post office bell tower where we got this great view of the Washington monument. And then we visited every monument ever built i think....here is the World War II monument, then we went to the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Monument, Iwo Jima Monument, Korean war and Vietnam War Memorials as well as many more. The next day we went to Arlington which was a really great experience.

Naked Cowboys & lady liberty

Its probably not proper to put them in the same post but I'm saving space!
yes! we saw the ever famous "naked cowboy" in time square....that was....ummm....interesting! but you will be happy to know...he has undies on behind that guitar!! LOL

but one of the high lights of our trip was seeing lady liberty although it was a bitter cold day.
We went to ellis island, ground zero and i cant remember whereall else....

Empire state and Central park

So we spent 4 days in Manhattan, seeing everything there was to see...our first stop was the empire state building. Then we visited central park(the fountain may look familiar if you saw "enchanted". And....did you know Hayden has a planetarium named after him at the natural history museum???

New York City

Next we moved on to New York City. I will post more about that shortly....

Cemeteries and Cheers

They have some of the most awesome old cemeteries there...some dating back to the 1500's and then we saw a place " where everyone knows your name"


Next we were off to Harvard (or as you would say in Boston...Haaavad) On our was we passed by the EF main office which is just a few minutes from Harvard. We walked through the campus and it was very beautiful. The tour guide told us that of the 24,000 people who apply to Harvard every year, only 2300 get accepted. And if your family's income is less then $60,ooo you are considered low income and the schools scholarships will pay for your 4 year education. The hard part is getting in. He told us that of the 24,000 who apply ...one third of them scored perfectly on the SAT, and one third were the valedictorians of their classes and those kids are among those who do not even get in.

In the last picture, they say if you rub that dudes shoe it brings you good luck...that is why his shoe is so shinny...everyone rubs it. They say there is alot of rubbing going on during finals week. They have so many colleges and Universities in Boston, its just amazing. I think they said there were like 12 or 14 just in Boston. The first picture is of MIT
But i must say that the absolutly BEST part of being in Boston/Harvard Area..was spending time with the very very best Regional Manager and very very best Regional Placement Manager of all time! we got to spend some time with Robert and Amy (from EF, who are now more like friends then business associates) We went out to lunch and had a great lunch with them at a nice, little, out of the way place...this truly was the highlight of our intire trip!!!! (does that work for ya Amy?? LOL)


Next we went to see the U.S.S. constitution (i think that was the name of it) it is the oldest ship still in operation in the US Navy. It was really very interesting and the stories they told us about her battles were amazing. It reminded me alot of the ship in the movie "Master and Commander"

The Church

Inside the church i found this very much to my amusement! We, in the LDS church always joke about having our own pews. Everyone always seems to sit in the same place each week and when someone else sits in your row it kind of upsets your apple cart. So we joke about how we should all put our names on our pews so everyone knows who sits there. Rich and i joked recently that every week we should just start sitting in different places to stir things up a bit! Anyways, i found this very funny. These were taken in side the church where Paul Revere lit the lanterns. Back then people bought there "pews" if your family had money you would buy your own little box for your family and you could decorate it anyway you wanted to, some even bringing furniture from home to put in their "box" and then i noticed that they had their names on them!!!! so we joked about how our family would not even fit into one of these boxes...but as i was leaving i noticed the larger "family" box!! I bet it was more expensive....


We started off with a walking tour in the streets of Boston. One of our first stops was at the birth place of Rose Kennedy. Isn't it interesting that a women of such stature started in such a humble place? I loved the old town feel of the streets and the buildings. We then visited the statue of Paul Revere and the church where he lit the lanterns to warn the people of the in pending invasion.