Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Church

Inside the church i found this very much to my amusement! We, in the LDS church always joke about having our own pews. Everyone always seems to sit in the same place each week and when someone else sits in your row it kind of upsets your apple cart. So we joke about how we should all put our names on our pews so everyone knows who sits there. Rich and i joked recently that every week we should just start sitting in different places to stir things up a bit! Anyways, i found this very funny. These were taken in side the church where Paul Revere lit the lanterns. Back then people bought there "pews" if your family had money you would buy your own little box for your family and you could decorate it anyway you wanted to, some even bringing furniture from home to put in their "box" and then i noticed that they had their names on them!!!! so we joked about how our family would not even fit into one of these boxes...but as i was leaving i noticed the larger "family" box!! I bet it was more expensive....