Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Next we were off to Harvard (or as you would say in Boston...Haaavad) On our was we passed by the EF main office which is just a few minutes from Harvard. We walked through the campus and it was very beautiful. The tour guide told us that of the 24,000 people who apply to Harvard every year, only 2300 get accepted. And if your family's income is less then $60,ooo you are considered low income and the schools scholarships will pay for your 4 year education. The hard part is getting in. He told us that of the 24,000 who apply third of them scored perfectly on the SAT, and one third were the valedictorians of their classes and those kids are among those who do not even get in.

In the last picture, they say if you rub that dudes shoe it brings you good luck...that is why his shoe is so shinny...everyone rubs it. They say there is alot of rubbing going on during finals week. They have so many colleges and Universities in Boston, its just amazing. I think they said there were like 12 or 14 just in Boston. The first picture is of MIT
But i must say that the absolutly BEST part of being in Boston/Harvard Area..was spending time with the very very best Regional Manager and very very best Regional Placement Manager of all time! we got to spend some time with Robert and Amy (from EF, who are now more like friends then business associates) We went out to lunch and had a great lunch with them at a nice, little, out of the way place...this truly was the highlight of our intire trip!!!! (does that work for ya Amy?? LOL)