Monday, November 30, 2009

Great Idea....

Ok I just think this is the coolest thing ever.....

Brittnee saw and got this at the Hallmark store.
It is a recordable book
(they also have "The Night Before Christmas")
She Bought this book and sent it to James who will record himself reading it and then he will send it home to Brynlee for Christmas so she can have a book that her Daddy can read to her every night!
Isn't that amazing???
I also saw this on extreme home makeover last night....
Wouldn't it be cool if Hallmark would find away to donate like a gazillion of these books to the troops to record and send home to their children???
If you are interested in buying one of these books this Christmas season HERE is a link to get you $10 off

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yellow Jacket Football...

Blue Ridge wins the 3A State Championship over Show Low 41-21
Thanks for Bringing it back home boys!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


These are my cute little twins nearly 15 years ago.....

And these are my twins today...

How did this happen? he is nearly double her size!!

she is 5'4" 105 lbs

he is 5' 11 205 lbs

Twins??? Really??

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Made a trek to the valley to watch the Football semi finals.......
Blue Ridge won over Florence
Show Low won over Fountain Hills
Next Saturday at 5pm we will meet each other for the

Friday, November 13, 2009

Getting something accomplished.... like it occurred to me about a week ago that I would be Out of commission (not walking) till mid December....hum, that kind of causes a problem that I had not


So today I sat at my my jammies(with snowflakes on them), with my foot up (to conquer that ugly swelling) and did something that I have not done alot of in the past...

I shopped, And I shopped and I think I made a little dent in my Christmas Shopping!

This is NOT something Im used to, nor is it something I like, It keeps me from getting in the Christmas Spirit by not being in the hustle and bustle but whattya gonna do right?

hummm wonder who is gonna put the Christmas tree up???

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I heard a secret today....

That is not really a secret anymore....

Congrats to Jeff and Jessica
on your new little project!!

All is well?

For any of you that were following along....
Hayden's tests all came back normal (which is great!)
this tells us he has no underlying conditions and just has hypertension.
We don't know why he has hypertension. Especially because he is so young and in such good shape. But it is what it is, so he will just be on medication and continue to be monitored.
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers

Thank you....

Christmas Baby.....

Our Sweet Grandbaby Brynlee

Isn't she adorable!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanks ,,,,

To everyone who voted for Heidi to win the is over and she is the "unofficial" winner. They have to check everything out to make sure all votes were legit (we know Heidi's were) but they will officially announce the winner once they are done with their checking!!!
again..thanks to everyone who voted!

Catch up....

4 new posts today to get ya all caught up!

and now.....

After all that fun in Boston.....I had to come home to face foot surgery #2

which I had the pleasure of having yesterday....
Had alot of pain with this one that I did not have with the first one
but its feeling alittle better today
so if all goes as planned my footprints should look more like these above when Im done healing
then like the flinstone feet I used to have

Brynlee's gifts....

While I was in Salem, Mass. I was able to do alittle shopping at the street vender's....several were selling hats. So I brought each of the kids a new hat. I will try to post pictures of the cool "Mohawk" knitted hats I found when I get Noah or Sawyer to hold still long enough for me to get a picture. But I was able to snap a few of my favorite baby in the cute little hats I found for her
(I could not buy just one! LOL)
this first one comes with the cutest little mittens you ever did see
And this one was my favorite! and it only cost me $8...can't beat that deal!!
I was just telling Brittnee that we needed to find her some hats and mittens when we were at a football game recently and it was sooo cold! so these should keep her little head warn for the winter!
Oh! and I LOVE being a grandma and getting to buy baby things again!!!

My Trip to Boston...

So...alittle over a week ago I had to go to Boston for Meetings for the exchange student organization I work with. I got there on Thursday and our meetings did not start until Friday night so on Friday morning they took us over to Salem (as in Witch trials) to see the sights. It was a happening place considering Halloween was the next day.

This was the cemetery where alot of the people were buried who were hung over the whole Witch thing....The gravestones were very thin from all the weather over the last 300 or so years

This was the witch museum...very interesting place to have a witch museum wouldn't ya say?
Inside they go through the whole story of the witch trials and how and why they happened

This was a statue outside in the intersection. Cant remember who this dude was but it was kinda creepy

This is the emblem on the police cars in Salem
(you can click on it to make it bigger to see it better)

We were also able to visit the house of the seven gables which is believed to have been the inspiration for the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorn of the same name, he also wrote the scarlet letter.
This is not the house of the seven Gables but just a small modest house that was move to the property.

Halloween in Boston

After our meetings on Saturday (Halloween) Lynn and I went to a play that was just around the corner from our hotel (which was in the theater district) it is the longest running play and was very delightful. It was called Shear was in a very small theater. There were probably about 25 people there in all on the night we went. It was a murder mystery that takes place in a beauty salon. The best thing about it was that it was interactive. About half way through the play the detectives called for a reenactment of the crime. At this point they asked the audience to let them know if they saw or heard anything in the reenactment that was not accurate. So we got to chime in and give additional information, which did not make the suspects too happy! LOL
After that they let us ask any questions we would like of the suspects
And then they took a vote from the audience of who we thought committed the murder.
Then, on with the play....they solved the mystery and then let us know at the end that based on the audiences vote is how the final scenes play in other words, the ending can be different each night depending on who the audience votes for. Very very fun!

As we left the theater we saw a bare chested, Scotsman in a kilt getting out of a cab....and then we started to look around and noticed EVERYONE milling the streets was dressed up. OH YEAH! its Halloween. Let me just say Halloween in Boston was an interesting experience. If you did not know this, there are over 50 colleges and Universities in the Boston Area, Harvard, Yale, Boston College, Tuffs, MIT, Just to name a few...well these really intelligent students really know how to party. The streets were just FULLLLLLL of college kids in costume. And I might add that these were not cheep walmart costumes...they were full fledged, rental type costumes. The Rental stores must make a killing this time of year....

This was the street we came out of the play onto. The place was packed with kids trying to get into these two clubs there. This picture was alittle later after i went back to my room to get my camera. But earlier when we came through here it was wall to wall people. There were bouncers from the clubs trying to clear the streets so the cars could get through. I would estimate that there were at least 1000 people in this alleyway.
We Saw Telly Tubbbies....

This was outside our hotel...another group of kids trying to get into the club there.

Lynn and I ended up in our hotels piano Bar where we could watch out the window at the craziness outside while listening to drunk people sing. It was a very entertaining evening. At one point the guy at the piano said that all thats out there is whores and serial killers....and he basically nailed the attire of the night in that one line! LOL
It was a very interesting night indeed

Monday, November 9, 2009

One last push!

This is one last push to get all the votes we can get for my friend Hiedi Joncus to win this stroller. Currently she is in first place by about 150 votes. The contest ends tomorrow night at 10pm so we need to do everything we can to ensure that she gets enough votes to put her over the edge in a big way. So if you have not already done this for me, can you please go HERE and vote for Heidi TODAY. It only takes about 10 seconds and you don't have to register or give any personal information. Just go to the link, find her name, Click "vote" and your done!
PLLLLLLEASE do it for poor little me who is leaving in about 10 seconds to go have my second foot surgery!!! YUCK!!! 4-5 more weeks on crutches!!! WHAAAAAA

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What a great weekend!

We had a really great weekend....we took the kids and went to the valley. Rich had to go to the Show Low vs Estrella Foothills football game to help out with the Friday Night Football Broadcast. So we went down early so we could take in the 3A State championship soccer games. Our girls and our boys were both in the finals. And they BOTH WON! It was so fun being apart of the crowd and seeing our kids do so well. We were able to see alot of our exchange students this weekend doing the things they do best! Lina who plays on the Blue Ridge Varsity girls soccer team. Espen and Renan who play on the boys Varsity soccer team and then on over to the football game where we got to see Naomi cheer for the Show Low cheer squad and Karianne who is a baton twirler with the band. It was alot of fun seeing them excel. And on top of all that we got to watch Coach Breakenridge (who might just be the BEST, classiest, Coach in the state) finish up his career with the Blue Ridge Varsity boys in the best way possible. We will sure miss his love of the game, his acceptance of our exchange students and the sportsmanship and humility that he teaches the young men who have had the privilege to come through his program!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Help Help Help!

Hey there!!!
My Friend is trying to win a stroller, if you could click on the link and vote for Heidi Joncas, the person with the most votes wins! Im super excited for her to win! It will only take you about 2 seconds, you dont have to register or anything ...just click the link, find her name (its up near the top) and vote. I know we can make this happen for her so please, please take a second to vote! Her super cute baby needs a cool ride!!

go HERE to vote