Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brynlee's gifts....

While I was in Salem, Mass. I was able to do alittle shopping at the street vender's....several were selling hats. So I brought each of the kids a new hat. I will try to post pictures of the cool "Mohawk" knitted hats I found when I get Noah or Sawyer to hold still long enough for me to get a picture. But I was able to snap a few of my favorite baby in the cute little hats I found for her
(I could not buy just one! LOL)
this first one comes with the cutest little mittens you ever did see
And this one was my favorite! and it only cost me $8...can't beat that deal!!
I was just telling Brittnee that we needed to find her some hats and mittens when we were at a football game recently and it was sooo cold! so these should keep her little head warn for the winter!
Oh! and I LOVE being a grandma and getting to buy baby things again!!!