Friday, November 13, 2009

Getting something accomplished.... like it occurred to me about a week ago that I would be Out of commission (not walking) till mid December....hum, that kind of causes a problem that I had not


So today I sat at my my jammies(with snowflakes on them), with my foot up (to conquer that ugly swelling) and did something that I have not done alot of in the past...

I shopped, And I shopped and I think I made a little dent in my Christmas Shopping!

This is NOT something Im used to, nor is it something I like, It keeps me from getting in the Christmas Spirit by not being in the hustle and bustle but whattya gonna do right?

hummm wonder who is gonna put the Christmas tree up???


Anonymous said...

You could always create a tree online...

Not as good as the real thing though!

Hope you get better!

granny said...

what about our annual shopping trip. I can dig up a wheel chair for the day. what do ya say?????

Tiffany said...

Well, imagine all the packages that are going to start showing up at your door because of all your online shopping sprees. That will feel like Christmas for sure! I sure hope you start feeling better soon though.