Sunday, November 8, 2009

What a great weekend!

We had a really great weekend....we took the kids and went to the valley. Rich had to go to the Show Low vs Estrella Foothills football game to help out with the Friday Night Football Broadcast. So we went down early so we could take in the 3A State championship soccer games. Our girls and our boys were both in the finals. And they BOTH WON! It was so fun being apart of the crowd and seeing our kids do so well. We were able to see alot of our exchange students this weekend doing the things they do best! Lina who plays on the Blue Ridge Varsity girls soccer team. Espen and Renan who play on the boys Varsity soccer team and then on over to the football game where we got to see Naomi cheer for the Show Low cheer squad and Karianne who is a baton twirler with the band. It was alot of fun seeing them excel. And on top of all that we got to watch Coach Breakenridge (who might just be the BEST, classiest, Coach in the state) finish up his career with the Blue Ridge Varsity boys in the best way possible. We will sure miss his love of the game, his acceptance of our exchange students and the sportsmanship and humility that he teaches the young men who have had the privilege to come through his program!