Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our baby girl is Graduating....

Monday, March 11, 2013

I know, I know...its been forever since I have posted but my pictures are too big to load and I don't want to re size all of them :(  So I will give you the verbal update and hope to post pictures later....
so lets see...
here is the condensed version
October- Rich and I went to Ireland! beautiful, the boys finished up football unscathed
November- Rich and I went to Philadelphia for a Regional coordinators meeting, Then Taylor, Julian and I went to California with the exchange students for a long weekend. Next up was Rocky Point Mexico with the family for Thanksgiving. A great Quade story to tell from that trip (when i post the pictures)
December- We stayed home this month and enjoyed having Joe From Germany come to visit us for Christmas and a package arrived every day of December with  chocolate inside from Julian's family!
Hayden and Charlotte moved back to the mountain and we are very happy to have them back!
January- Rich and I went to Dallas for a Regional EF meeting. Taylor, Julian, Rich and I went to Hawaii for an exchange student trip.
February- Noah had made the 5th and 6th grade basketball team (Sawyer did not try out) and they did really well. They won almost all of their games and he was a high scorer for the team and the leading rebounder. Expecting to see good things from this kid in sports in the future. My Mom and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas and I was able to see Felix from Germany while we were in Miami. :)
March- Julian is doing track, Taylor is planning her future ( a mission ?) and Noah made the Jr high track team (but hes only in 6th grade) he will be running long distance like Hayden did. We all went to the valley and attended our Niece Adrienne's wedding which was super fun to have everyone together in one place! And just last week Rich was called to the high council so that should be an interesting new adventure.
and your update