Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter pageant trip

It was a very Quiet weekend at our house...
the ward took all the youth on a trip to the valley to see the Pageant.
Austin went with the young adults so it was just Quade, Rich and I at home Friday and Saturday.

Friday night the kids saw that pageant

Saturday the boys got to go and do their first baptisms

Taylor pointed out that maybe we need to get them black pants LOL

The girls stayed at one house and the boys stayed at a different house
what a handsome boy...

and then they all went together to the science center

They had a fantastic time!

Our New Baby...and our Old Baby

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Special Olympics 2012

Its that time of year again....

we had the pleasure of attending the Special Olympics

Here is Quade in the opening parade

and here is Austin waving to the crowd

Austin took 2nd in the 400 but this little guy jumped up in the #2 spot
so Austin took the #3  position and it was no big deal! love that kid!!!

this is Austin and his Buddy Zane

Here is Quade accepting his #2 Medal in the 50 yard dash

Quade and his buddy Naomi

Taylor always helps out at the Olympics. Here she is with her buddy Tamara

There is always a nice sized crowd of supporters

Here is Quade going in for the hug with one of his favorite people
Coach London

Quade participated in the soft ball throw

Pretty good form??

Group shot at the end of all the athletes and their buddies
Signs lined the stadium that other students made

Austin with a couple of his favorite people
Jordan and Chandler (who made his sign)

It was a great day!

Our newest family member...

Meet Molly!

Character counts!

Yes Sawyer is a Character!
but that's not the kind of Character were talking about this time...
Sawyer received an award at school for having GOOD Character!!
Its always nice to get a little reassurance that your kids are as awesome as you know they are!