Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prom 2009

Hayden and Chynna
The Girls

The Group

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just for fun....

We (Hayden, Brittnee, Megan(Hayden's friend) and I) Made a trip to the valley on Thursday. Hayden had to pick his Prom date up at the airport, she is a friend of his that moved away to California and so he and she concocted a plan to split the airfare and fly her here for Prom. It was a fun surprise for all of her friends as it was kept a secret. While we were in the valley Hayden and Megan had an appt to visit with the MCC track coach. At this point it appears that Hayden's plan will be to attend MCC. While we were there we made a few stops before going to the airport. One was at Party city and they had this fun little stand up so we snagged a picture. TOO fun! More Prom photos to come later.....


This is Hayden running the 4x800 at the track meet at Blue Ridge last Wednesday
His team took 2nd place....

Hayden Runs the 800 and the 4x800. The 800 is always AFTER the 4x800 and that effects his time on the 800 significantly. He is pretty spent after the 4x.
We have been anxious to see what he could do if he did not have to run the 4x first.
Yesterday he attended the track meet in Snowflake. There was no 4x...just the 800.
His best time so far in the 8 is 2:08. Yesterday he did it in 2:06. He took 2nd to Cody Wells (the man to beat who can probably run the 800 in less then 2:00) All the school in our region were there so I think we can safely say that Hayden is 2nd in the Region at this point in the 800. Which is pretty exciting.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WOW! 25 years already....

25 Years ago today, I married my best friend...and I'm very happy and proud to say that things remain the same...he is still my very best friend and the one who makes me happy! I'm one lucky girl. I don't think he got nearly as lucky as I did!!
(but maybe that's because he ROBBED the CRADLE! )
ok, so we have changed alittle bit? ya think???? lol
He got Handsome-r and i got round-er....
I told him this morning when he asked if i wanted to stick around for another 25.. " if the next 25 can sail as smoothly as the first 25 then I am IN! "

Great Memories...

More Rafting pictures

Monday, April 20, 2009

spying on the love birds....

My sister just shared this pictures with me from the wedding...anyone recognize that kid in the window??


What a super fun weekend!!! This was the weekend for our rafting trip with the Exchange kids...we were pretty worried about the weather as it had been bitterly cold here on the mountain these last two weeks...with a few snow flurry's as well. So we watched the weather and the water flow carefully in hopes of having a good day. It turned out to be spectacular! We arrived and got our splash jackets and got all geared up and before we even got in the boat to take off we started shedding clothes. The water was cold but if you stayed out of it and just received some splashes it was not too bad. Hayden did take a dip and Taylor took a few (some by free will and some by not so free will LOL)
We had 14 people in our group...Louisa, Benta, Shay, Jon, Kirsti and Philipp were all in one boat (5 exchange kids and one host brother) and then we had Me, Hayden, Taylor, Bridget (Taylor's friend), Lynn, Brayden (Lynn's grandson) and Pavel (Lynn's exchange student) in our boat. We were super excited to get the same guide we had last year.... BRAD was the, i think that guy eats straight sugar for breakfast!...he is super hyper, funny and WAY fun.
Brad is an expert but is super fun at the same time...never a fear with him in the rear! LOL (hey! i just made that up!!! LOL)

We all got alittle wet and alittle sunburn but its all good......

Everyone had a great time....but i think Taylor had the best time (she may tell you otherwise if you ask her) she was given the "special" seat in the back of the boat and was picked on by Brad for the entire trip.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them....
I will have a few more pictures once i get my water camera developed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One more Picture....

My favorite picture from Brittnee's shower.....I have told Brittnee and I will say it here...Its good to have my daughter back! And I dont mean physically...Its great to have her here physically but I would rather have her with her husband. What Im trying to say is....its good to have HER back!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No words....

Two words...

Scouting sucks!

A Trip to New Mexico, a Baby Shower and an update....

Last weekend we made a trip to Albuquerque to attend Brittnee's baby shower there and to move her back to Pinetop.
It started off with a bang when we got up Saturday morning and left our hotel room only to find that someone had broken into the truck. They had gone through the toolbox and horse trailer but were unlucky in finding anything to steal so they broke the truck window and stole my favorite sweatshirt that I got in Hawaii this last trip in January...I was very bummed but we were pretty lucky because they were stupid thieves and they broke the window and probably tried to click the button to unlock the door but it does not work so they did not think to open the lock manually i guess...if they would have they would have scored because Britt's computer was in the back seat on the floor as well as the gifts for the shower.
After that we went to Breakfast and then the girls went to the baby shower while the boys worked on the moving.
There was a good turnout for the shower and Brittnee received alot of nice things.....

A beautiful Hand made quilt from her sister in law Susan
This is James's niece Katie...she picked out and wrapped her very own present for Baby Brynlee

This from Taylor.....go figure! lol (click on the picture to read what the shirt says)

She can now bring the baby home.....with a new car seat

Would ya take alook at that baby bump! and she still has 7 more weeks to go!!

We were able to spend some time getting to know James Family for the first time and we really really enjoyed that and enjoyed them...they are wonderful!

We were able to manage getting everything loaded and into the truck and trailer. She will hopefully be moving into her new apartment tomorrow.
This last week did provide alot of stress with the uncertainty of what James would be doing because there were some glitches in getting his dental work done. So it was up in the air as to weather he would continue on this mission or be scratched right up until Sunday night. But after Rich had driven away with all their earthly possessions we were finally able to find out that he will be staying in Santa Fe while his unit left for California for more training. He will get his dental work done and then join up with them again when they leave for Georgia on the 12th of May...So Brittnee is fretting being so far away now when she knows he is still in town but we have alot to do here to get things set up and hopefully that will keep her busy until she sees him again at the beginning of May.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Special Olympics 2009

Last Friday we had the pleasure of attending the Special Olympics. This is something that Quade and Austin participate in every year....its their opportunity to show off their athletic abilities and get some recognition for the events that they do...there is always a regional Olympics but prior to that, our school does their very own special Olympics. Our whole school comes out to support and cheer the athletes on and our track team comes and helps by being "Helpers" they pick or are assigned an Olympian to spend the day with... they stay with them, run with them, give them attention and praise.

Here are some pictures of our day.....

Austin in the Long Jump Competition

Sawyers class came out to watch and cheer on the kids from their school...and maybe a few brothers as well...

oh hey...there is that monkey hat again....I told you that it does not leave his head..and you thought I was only kidding!!!

Austin throwing in the soft ball throw that boy can throw! must be in the genes

Quade throwing in the soft ball throw event. you will notice that he has his softball glove on...the boy can not throw a ball worth a darn without that glove attached to his hand!

Hayden is trying to convince his little buddy to throw the tennis took alot of talking but he finally threw it!

Quade running during the TORCH RUN

Here is Quade with his idol! this is Griffin, he played football with Hayden. Every Friday night you could hear Quade in the stands yelling for his hero....and it wasn't Hayden's name that could be heard....oh was

GO GRIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Griff was chosen to be Quades helper and boy was Quade thrilled!!

A Huge Crowd showed up to cheer the athletes along....

This is something I love about our school. Every year when the special Olympics roll around the kids classes get out to come and be part of the experience.

Hayden and his little buddy for the day!

The whole gang...and their helpers!

Quade Receiving his 2nd place medal for his Race (be sure and see the video below)

Hayden admiring Quades medal...which Quade is enjoying showing off

Austin Scoring a 1st in his race

Its not always about the race, sometimes its about the journey that gets you to the finish line...

This is a video of QUADES RACE as you can see he has a helper (Griff) running with him....If you keep your eyes on the left side when the race begins Quade made several stops along the way to say hi to the people along his journey to the finish line...and then on the right he stops to gather someone else to run with him....

sometimes we are so geared toward winning that we forget about those on the sideline. But not this boy....He could care less about the win if he cant stop along the way to spend time with those he loves

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Plug...

Hello Everyone...As many of you probably know, We are Regional Coordinators for EF foundation which is the organization that has been bringing exchange students into our high schools across the state.

These exchange students come from all over the world to spend a year at our local high schools and to spend that time with an American family. The only obligation from the host family is that they provide room and board (food at home and a place to sleep) as well as include them as one of the family. The kids come with their own spending money for the rest of their expenses including their school lunches.

The kids go through a screening process and are selected to spend a year abroad based on their language skills, grades, adaptability, and desire to spend a year abroad. EF brings over 3000 students to the US each year and we personally, typically place 8 students in the high schools in the white mountain area, but we are also responsible for the kids that get placed through our other coordinators across the state and can hook you up with whoever is covering your area if you are outside of the white mountain area. (If you dont live in Arizona, and are interested, I can still hook you up!)

We keep in close contact with the host families and students to ensure all is working out well and help with any problems that may arise. We have trips and get together's planned for them so you don't feel the responsibility to constantly entertain them. We are looking for host families that may be interested in learning about another culture and having a student in their home for this coming school are typically able to pick the student that you would like to host. We have students from many nationalities, male or female depending on what would work best with your family dynamics.

If you are interested or know of someone who might be or even just have some questions about this please contact me through my email button on this site (on the right hand sidebar), and we would be happy to talk to you and tell you more about it!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and consider this great opportunity

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Mesa, Arizona arrived from on "*~Jones Jibberish~*: 10,000??"

was number 10,000 dont know if that was you Chris or just someone coming from your site! but THANKS for coming!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


We have been in "business" here at Jones Jibberish for about a year and 5 months. Our "hit" counter at the bottom of the page says that we are currrently at 9910 hits.


I never dreamed when I started our blog that we would have anyone besides maybe


looking at our site....

Who will be the 10,000 visitor??

(probably half of those hits are from me! and the other half are granny....LOL)

Winner, Winner, chicken dinner....

Kacie Peterson is the winner of the "who's in the rocky costume" contest! It is in fact, Austin in the suit!! your such a smart girl!
As the winner of our contest you have won a fabulous autographed picture of.....
I bet your EXCITED!

Multiples and more....

I have found a site that I just love...its a blog called multiples and more. Its a network of bloggers for mothers of multiples....
I have added a button to my site --------------->
go check out their site, they are having a great giveaway right now


Noah was chosen AGAIN for the Character counts award at school. This months theme was
Congratulations NOAH!
You will notice in the picture that they had some special guests that came to the assembly. Mr Yellow Jacket is the dude in the purple and yellow and then they also had Rocky the Raccoon come as well. I bet you cant guess who is in the Big Rocky Costume???

Here is Noah and the other girl from his class who received the award

Here is Rocky and Rocky Jr again.....have you guessed yet?
Its someone near and dear to our hearts....and possibly yours too!

Here is a little video....maybe that will help you figure it out??
post your guesses in the comment section....
The first person to correctly guess it will win a prize....

sorry its sideways...i don't know how to switch a sideways video to make it right

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Tuesday night was our pinewood derby.
Rich and the boys got to work alittle earlier this year and made some awesome cars
Making them early and spending alittle more time on them paid off...last year both of the boys cars were dead last almost every time.
(Noah's car is on the left and Sawyers car is in the middle....)
This year things went alittle better......

Sawyer took 1st in show

with the "One Bad Banana" car
(the monkey is on a spring so when it goes down the track it bounces around)

And....Noah took 3rd in speed!
Both boys get to go to district with their cars.
Here is alittle video...his car is in lane 2 coming in 1st. His car came in 1st 3 out of 5 times