Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Trip to New Mexico, a Baby Shower and an update....

Last weekend we made a trip to Albuquerque to attend Brittnee's baby shower there and to move her back to Pinetop.
It started off with a bang when we got up Saturday morning and left our hotel room only to find that someone had broken into the truck. They had gone through the toolbox and horse trailer but were unlucky in finding anything to steal so they broke the truck window and stole my favorite sweatshirt that I got in Hawaii this last trip in January...I was very bummed but we were pretty lucky because they were stupid thieves and they broke the window and probably tried to click the button to unlock the door but it does not work so they did not think to open the lock manually i guess...if they would have they would have scored because Britt's computer was in the back seat on the floor as well as the gifts for the shower.
After that we went to Breakfast and then the girls went to the baby shower while the boys worked on the moving.
There was a good turnout for the shower and Brittnee received alot of nice things.....

A beautiful Hand made quilt from her sister in law Susan
This is James's niece Katie...she picked out and wrapped her very own present for Baby Brynlee

This from Taylor.....go figure! lol (click on the picture to read what the shirt says)

She can now bring the baby home.....with a new car seat

Would ya take alook at that baby bump! and she still has 7 more weeks to go!!

We were able to spend some time getting to know James Family for the first time and we really really enjoyed that and enjoyed them...they are wonderful!

We were able to manage getting everything loaded and into the truck and trailer. She will hopefully be moving into her new apartment tomorrow.
This last week did provide alot of stress with the uncertainty of what James would be doing because there were some glitches in getting his dental work done. So it was up in the air as to weather he would continue on this mission or be scratched right up until Sunday night. But after Rich had driven away with all their earthly possessions we were finally able to find out that he will be staying in Santa Fe while his unit left for California for more training. He will get his dental work done and then join up with them again when they leave for Georgia on the 12th of May...So Brittnee is fretting being so far away now when she knows he is still in town but we have alot to do here to get things set up and hopefully that will keep her busy until she sees him again at the beginning of May.


Shower Trailes New Mexico said...

For whatever reason, I really like the way you write and present your blog events. maybe it's the patchwork theme... I love it.

I'm a Pinetop native that recently moved to Albuquerque... haha kindof funny.. best wishes for your family.