Monday, April 20, 2009


What a super fun weekend!!! This was the weekend for our rafting trip with the Exchange kids...we were pretty worried about the weather as it had been bitterly cold here on the mountain these last two weeks...with a few snow flurry's as well. So we watched the weather and the water flow carefully in hopes of having a good day. It turned out to be spectacular! We arrived and got our splash jackets and got all geared up and before we even got in the boat to take off we started shedding clothes. The water was cold but if you stayed out of it and just received some splashes it was not too bad. Hayden did take a dip and Taylor took a few (some by free will and some by not so free will LOL)
We had 14 people in our group...Louisa, Benta, Shay, Jon, Kirsti and Philipp were all in one boat (5 exchange kids and one host brother) and then we had Me, Hayden, Taylor, Bridget (Taylor's friend), Lynn, Brayden (Lynn's grandson) and Pavel (Lynn's exchange student) in our boat. We were super excited to get the same guide we had last year.... BRAD was the, i think that guy eats straight sugar for breakfast!...he is super hyper, funny and WAY fun.
Brad is an expert but is super fun at the same time...never a fear with him in the rear! LOL (hey! i just made that up!!! LOL)

We all got alittle wet and alittle sunburn but its all good......

Everyone had a great time....but i think Taylor had the best time (she may tell you otherwise if you ask her) she was given the "special" seat in the back of the boat and was picked on by Brad for the entire trip.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them....
I will have a few more pictures once i get my water camera developed.