Thursday, April 2, 2009


We had the privilege of attending a wedding this last Monday evening. It was the wedding of my nephew Jeff and his beautiful bride Jessica.
Bare with me as I am posting alot of pictures. Jessica did such a great job of planning everything and it turned out absolutely perfect.
Jeff has been through alot over the last 6 years and Jessica has been so patient with him. We truly love her and are soo SOO happy to have her become part of our family!

Quade and Taylor
We left early in the morning so we had a full day to do somethings that we needed to do in the you can see, we had some very sleepy kids on the way down

My Neice Natalie (I will mention and make it very clear that she was the BRIDESMAID not the Flower girl) she is carrying her nephew Davin who is the ring barer but who refused to walk down the he got a lift

My nephew Bryan and his lovely wife Liz (parents to Davin)

My Nephew Michael and a friend of Jessica's

Jeff, getting alittle choked up....
because he was witnessing

What a beautiful girl....making eye contact with HIM

Take a look at those who are here to love and support you

Introducing to you......Mr and Mrs Jeff Stowell

and now for the important part....You may kiss your bride!

Let's get the heck outta here!

The reception was Awesome! great food and great fun

We were so happy that Brittnee was able to make the trip home and then travel with us to the wedding...

Hayden holding the newest member of the family (next to Jessica)
Baby Keeley is only a week and a half old. Hayden got ahold of her early in the reception and refused to give her up. Even forgoing the buffet! how bazaar is that??!!
Nothing better looking then a guy holding a baby!

Sawyer puttin' on the moves... its too late Sawyer boy, shes already taken!

The cutting of the cake

Making the demands....

Him understanding the demands.....

and then there was dancing....
My sister Tammy and her hubby Randy
Father and Mother of the Groom
Jason and Kristi (my Niece) Parents to the new baby Hayden was holding

My Nephew Micheal dancing with my Mom

Jeff and Jessica are off on a whirlwind honeymoon to Italy and France...Jeff is on Spring break from UofA Medical they are squeezing it all in!
Our best wishes and love goes out to you Jeff and Jess...WE LOVE YOU!


Tiffany said...

I am so glad to see all the pictures. You are right, she is a beautiful girl. It looks like your whole family had a great time.