Friday, April 3, 2009


Noah was chosen AGAIN for the Character counts award at school. This months theme was
Congratulations NOAH!
You will notice in the picture that they had some special guests that came to the assembly. Mr Yellow Jacket is the dude in the purple and yellow and then they also had Rocky the Raccoon come as well. I bet you cant guess who is in the Big Rocky Costume???

Here is Noah and the other girl from his class who received the award

Here is Rocky and Rocky Jr again.....have you guessed yet?
Its someone near and dear to our hearts....and possibly yours too!

Here is a little video....maybe that will help you figure it out??
post your guesses in the comment section....
The first person to correctly guess it will win a prize....

sorry its sideways...i don't know how to switch a sideways video to make it right


Kacie said...

AUSTIN!!! Is it?

Tiffany said...

Well I am totally guessing Austin, but then again, is it Rich??