Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekly sports update

Well here it is Tuesday already and no one has said....HEY! WHERES THE SPORTS UPDATE!!! so maybe its not as popular as i thought.
But here it is just the same for the one or two people that might be wondering
Taylor's softball team played against Round Valley in Round Valley last Thursday and they lost AGAIN 8-1 which may not sound good but the girls were so excited that they lost by a much smaller margin then usual! LOL Taylor actually got the bat on the ball....foul ball but just the same....she FINALLY hit it!!
Hayden's Football team played against Camp Verde on Friday and luckily he was feeling better and was able to play. We had a very poor first half only scoring 7 points but made up for it big time in the second half. Yellow Jackets win 35-7 Hopefully we can step it up now as conference games start this week and this is when it really counts and when it really gets harder!
Noah and Sawyer played on Saturday in the on again-off again rain against Snowflake. They did not have to play until 1:00 this week so we got to go and enjoy the fall festival parade before the game (which Austin was in with the high school marching band) The boys team won the game against Snowflake.... 33-12 (i think) and played great as usual!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Character counts...

got a call last week from the school inviting us to the character counts award assembly today because one or our kids was receiveing the award and we had to promise to not tell him because it was a surprise..... apparently they choose two kids from each class to receive the award. this months theme is respect. so i bet you will NEVER guess correctly who in this family was getting this award?!?!



YEP! it was NOAH!!!!! (don't be so shocked!!!) LOL

so we go to the school for the assembly and something did not occur to me until i sat down and all the kids started filing in from all the classes....SAWYER! oh my....someone is not going to be happy to find out we are not there because HE is getting the award. He has such a soft heart that he will be crushed.

So the kids start coming in...Noah does not even see us, but Sawyer does BIG SMILE on his face...so.....ya, that means we are there for him.....oh my....

when he figures out what is going on as they are calling names he starts to cry...Noah is now up in front in his chair searching for Sawyer...he sees him.....he feels bad for him.

after it was over while they were taking pictures for the newspaper we called Sawyer over and talked to him...he felt alittle better when he went back to class i think but when Noah got done he came up to us and gave us the gift card they got for free pizza and said..."can you go give this to Sawyer please" ohhhh then i lost it! my hard headed, not always nice at home boy just showed off his really shinny heart!!! oh sooo sweet

ohh the joys of having twins! we saw the bad points today as well as the good.

Congrats to Noah for being such a good citizen and having respect for others....but most of all for loving your brother so much that you thought of him before yourself!

your amazing!

hOw To AsK a GiRl.....

To homecoming....

First you set up the crime scene

then you leave the evidence.....

(I've been Dying to ask you to homecoming)

Then you tape off the crime scene so the evidence is not damaged.....

and then you wait for her to unravel the mystery.

Pretty silly but it was fun just the same

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Big guys football

here is a picture that appeared in our local paper on Tuesday

that's Hayden at the top of the shot

also...an update on his tackle record....i stated that it was 18 but i guess that was not after the last game so his new total is 27 which still has him in 3rd for most tackles on the team.

Little guys football

here is a site you can go to and see some really good action shots of Noah and Sawyer....the prices to buy them are outrageous so I'm just sending you over for a look see...
go to this site
(click on the link)

then click on view all 65 then when they come up click on the first picture and then you can click through a large version of each photo. Remember Noah is #22 and Sawyer is #80

look for photos 21, 22, 23, 30, 31, 33, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, and 61


Hayden seems to be better today...hopefully the antibiotics are working and he will be well soooon!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Long night!

We had a really strange night last night....
Hayden came home from practice...he took an ice bath after for his ankle. When he came home he got in a really long hot shower because he was freezing. After that he came to me and was shivering and did not look good at all...i took his temp, it was 95.3 hummmm
wrapped him up in blankets and waited....20 minutes later his temp was 100.0
he had alot of pain in his hips/back/groin ....this along with the fever worried us so we took him to the ER at about 8:30pm
When we got there his temp was 98 (of course) so after a very long wait the doctor checked him out and ordered some xrays that came back normal as did his urinalysis.
So he chalked it up to just pain from being knocked around at football.
They were preparing to discharge him and took his temp again and it was 103.7
so that alarmed the nurse who consulted with the doctor who came and poked around on him some more and decided that it might be his appendix! (which is what i was thinking all along)
They started an IV, took blood and ordered a CAT scan.
Finally at 4:30 am they came to tell us that the appendix looked fine but his white count was alittle high and he has swelling in his intestines....were not really sure what that means other then that he probably has some kind of infection....so we are treating that...his advise was to take it REALLY easy for the next several days and follow up with our doctor in a few days. And NO football.....
We got home at about 5:20...just in time to start waking kids up for school at 5:45 OH YEAH....felt weird, like i was waking them up in the middle of the night!
so anyway....
he is feeling a tiny bit better today, his temp was low but he still has one and he has a whopper of a headache....he stayed home from school....but guess where he is tonight?????
YEP Football practice!
That boy! I hope he survives his senior year!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This one is for Quade who LOVES the hulk!
Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica beach
Some of my Awesome girls!!

As i mentioned last week we (me and some other coordinators) took the exchange kids to California this last weekend. We had a great time and the kids were exceptionally well behaved!

We visited Universal studios and Santa Monica Pier on Friday.

And then on Saturday we went up to the observatory for a good look at the Hollywood sign, then on to explore Hollywood and finish up with a fun visit to Knottsberry farm.

Lynn and I enjoyed some EXCEPTIONALLY good food at Bubba Gumps TWICE!

the only group picture i took did not turn out cuz someone had switched my camera to macrozoom.....so?? Oh well.....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Check out this Raffle!

There is a Raffle for some great prizes that is being held ( here) for a sweet little baby girl who had a terrible tragic accident happen to her a week ago. The family (the Bulter's) live here in our community and our thoughts and prayers and donations go out to them. Open your hearts and wallets and help them out!

Weekly sports update

Here is the update for this last week...
Taylor had a softball game on Thursday against Snowflake. They lost 15-3. She played center field and had a couple balls hit to her and she got up to bat once and was hit by the pitch and got the walk. They played a tournament on Saturday and lost both of their games. She is a good little sport and none of this bothers her. She is having fun and happy to get to play.

Blue Ridge played Williams field (4A out of the valley) and they beat them 55-12. Hayden was the captain again (assuming now that he is the only full time captain? as everyone else switches in and out weekly but he is always there) he had a couple really good tackles in the backfield for lost yards. Hayden is third on the team for tackles/assist tackles with 18.

After getting home around 10pm Friday night, Rich and the little boys had to get up at 3am to go to their football game that was in the valley on Saturday! CRAZY....Rich was disappointed in the organization of the league down there and also by the total lack of calls by the officials. Our little guys lost 35-7

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Im leaving tomorrow morning on a trip to California
(Universal Studios, Knottsberry Farm, Hollywood and Santa Monica pier)
with the Exchange kids.
so i will be unplugged until sunday night.
I will be back first thing monday with a sports report and pictures from our trip.
until then....HaVe A gReAt WeEkEnD!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekly sports update

Taylor's 8th grade softball team played Show Low on Tuesday. They lost 14-3..Taylor started in left field and played for half the game.
Hayden and the Yellow Jackets had a FANTASTIC game against Thatcher tonight and won 45-6. It was said that Thatcher was the #2 2A school in the state but they did not look so hot tonight. It seems like the Yellow Jackets are finally coming into their own. We are really starting to get it together. Hayden had a great game and had several tackles. Before tonight he was the number 3 leader in tackles with 14. And he is the only one who has been one of the 4 captains every week. (remember...moms like that! LOLOL)
Noah and Sawyers team beat Round Valley 33-6. Noah ran for (I think) one of those touchdowns and the extra points on another touchdown and Sawyer also ran it in for the extra points!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Noah is student of the week this week and yesterday was "pet day" so I went in and took pepper for Noah to introduce to the class. After we showed everyone a few of her tricks we opened it up for questions.....thinking we were talking about DOG related questions.....but noooooo. One little girl pipes up and wants to know if I'm Noah's Mom or Grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA someone call the whambulance!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

a ZoO

This is the sillyness that we came home too....
Sawyer(the monkey man) put his friends "to bed" in our room while we were gone.
dont look at the mess (remember, we were gone)

Meeting Jessi Ann

Rich and Jessi
Blessing day!
The happy family!

Rich and I took the weekend and ran away to Utah to Visit our new little niece Jessi for her blessing. Hayden and Taylor held the fort down for the two days we were away and they did a pretty good job of it too. Jessi is such a sweet, beautiful baby! I just could not get enough of her!

Richie and Gerri are doing good other then working themselves to death trying to get the house done (remodel) for the Get together after the blessing. They have done an amazing job in the transformation of their home! Rich gave Jessi a very nice blessing and it was a very nice day. It was fun to visit with all the extended relatives and to get to see them all again. (if your confused...Gerri and I both Married Richards LOL

Weekly sports update

Not alot of details this week.....
Taylor had a game against Winslow on wed. in Winslow. She did not get any playing time this week other then she got up to bat once and walked. They lost 15-2. They play Show Low today at home.
Hayden's team won Friday night against Coolidge (the defending State runner-up) 21-6. Coolidge seems to have a weak team this year...so us beating last years runners up was not that big of a feat. In fact we seemed to look weaker this week then we did last week....looking and hoping for some big improvements soon!
Noah and Sawyer had a fantastic game Saturday morning against Snowflake. They won 30-12. Noah had two touchdowns.
so that's it....in a nutshell

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Family Picture.....

Dont forget you can click on it to see a larger version....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Football Update

My little captains....

ok folks! I'm sorry for the delay in the football update. I asked Rich to do it on Saturday but it did not get done so i will give you the condensed, no frills version.....

Blue Ridge varsity won Friday night 23-7 against safford. Hayden did really well personally but the team was lacking....we have alot of work to do to be where we need to be when region play starts. Hopefully we will get there or it will be a lonnnnnng season. We are small and young. Hayden played both defence and offense and was in the game for the entire game which made him pretty sore by the next day LOL (he has not done that since he was a freshman) alot of the younger kids had to depend on him to tell them what to do and where to be. He is one of the captains of the team (moms like that LOL) he had alot of great tackles and one sack.

Noah and Sawyer had an awesome game Saturday morning against Show Low. They were both captains for their team (again...moms like that LOL) and they both played offense and defense and stayed in for most of the game until late when we needed to not run up the score. The final score was like 42-0 (or something close to that) Noah plays Quarter back and Sawyer plays running back...I'm not sure what their positions are on the other side of the ball....but I'm sure one of these weeks i will figure it out...LOL It is really fun to watch them...cuz they are so little!

Noah is #22 and Saywer is #80