Friday, September 26, 2008



YEP! it was NOAH!!!!! (don't be so shocked!!!) LOL

so we go to the school for the assembly and something did not occur to me until i sat down and all the kids started filing in from all the classes....SAWYER! oh my....someone is not going to be happy to find out we are not there because HE is getting the award. He has such a soft heart that he will be crushed.

So the kids start coming in...Noah does not even see us, but Sawyer does BIG SMILE on his, that means we are there for him.....oh my....

when he figures out what is going on as they are calling names he starts to cry...Noah is now up in front in his chair searching for Sawyer...he sees him.....he feels bad for him.

after it was over while they were taking pictures for the newspaper we called Sawyer over and talked to him...he felt alittle better when he went back to class i think but when Noah got done he came up to us and gave us the gift card they got for free pizza and said..."can you go give this to Sawyer please" ohhhh then i lost it! my hard headed, not always nice at home boy just showed off his really shinny heart!!! oh sooo sweet

ohh the joys of having twins! we saw the bad points today as well as the good.

Congrats to Noah for being such a good citizen and having respect for others....but most of all for loving your brother so much that you thought of him before yourself!

your amazing!


Wendy said...

Now that is sweet!

BrImHaLl FaMiLy! said...

Way to go Noah!!!!!!!!

Coco said...
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