Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekly sports update

Here is the update for this last week...
Taylor had a softball game on Thursday against Snowflake. They lost 15-3. She played center field and had a couple balls hit to her and she got up to bat once and was hit by the pitch and got the walk. They played a tournament on Saturday and lost both of their games. She is a good little sport and none of this bothers her. She is having fun and happy to get to play.

Blue Ridge played Williams field (4A out of the valley) and they beat them 55-12. Hayden was the captain again (assuming now that he is the only full time captain? as everyone else switches in and out weekly but he is always there) he had a couple really good tackles in the backfield for lost yards. Hayden is third on the team for tackles/assist tackles with 18.

After getting home around 10pm Friday night, Rich and the little boys had to get up at 3am to go to their football game that was in the valley on Saturday! CRAZY....Rich was disappointed in the organization of the league down there and also by the total lack of calls by the officials. Our little guys lost 35-7