Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Long night!

We had a really strange night last night....
Hayden came home from practice...he took an ice bath after for his ankle. When he came home he got in a really long hot shower because he was freezing. After that he came to me and was shivering and did not look good at all...i took his temp, it was 95.3 hummmm
wrapped him up in blankets and waited....20 minutes later his temp was 100.0
he had alot of pain in his hips/back/groin ....this along with the fever worried us so we took him to the ER at about 8:30pm
When we got there his temp was 98 (of course) so after a very long wait the doctor checked him out and ordered some xrays that came back normal as did his urinalysis.
So he chalked it up to just pain from being knocked around at football.
They were preparing to discharge him and took his temp again and it was 103.7
so that alarmed the nurse who consulted with the doctor who came and poked around on him some more and decided that it might be his appendix! (which is what i was thinking all along)
They started an IV, took blood and ordered a CAT scan.
Finally at 4:30 am they came to tell us that the appendix looked fine but his white count was alittle high and he has swelling in his intestines....were not really sure what that means other then that he probably has some kind of we are treating that...his advise was to take it REALLY easy for the next several days and follow up with our doctor in a few days. And NO football.....
We got home at about 5:20...just in time to start waking kids up for school at 5:45 OH YEAH....felt weird, like i was waking them up in the middle of the night!
so anyway....
he is feeling a tiny bit better today, his temp was low but he still has one and he has a whopper of a headache....he stayed home from school....but guess where he is tonight?????
YEP Football practice!
That boy! I hope he survives his senior year!