Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This one is for Quade who LOVES the hulk!
Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica beach
Some of my Awesome girls!!

As i mentioned last week we (me and some other coordinators) took the exchange kids to California this last weekend. We had a great time and the kids were exceptionally well behaved!

We visited Universal studios and Santa Monica Pier on Friday.

And then on Saturday we went up to the observatory for a good look at the Hollywood sign, then on to explore Hollywood and finish up with a fun visit to Knottsberry farm.

Lynn and I enjoyed some EXCEPTIONALLY good food at Bubba Gumps TWICE!

the only group picture i took did not turn out cuz someone had switched my camera to macrozoom.....so?? Oh well.....


Anonymous said...

no way, i still remember california 2007 like it was yesterday :D

i guess they had a lot of fun! and you too :)

missin the times :D