Friday, February 26, 2010

Brynlee overload.....

We were Lucky enough to have Brynlee over the last few days
We sure love this girl!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome Home Sgt. Bowdoin...

Shred Fest 2010

This last Saturday we went up to sunrise to attend the "Shred Fest"
this was a ski and snowboard competition that Hayden was in charge of putting together.
Noah and Sawyer entered....
Sawyer put way to much pressure on himself and ended up backing out before it all started
but Noah followed through...
his first run was not so great...he fell down and hurt his back, not finishing his run
but his second run was much better and he took third place in his age category

(we wont tell anyone that there were only three kids in his age category)

Here is Noah just chillin before his second run....

Sawyer hanging out

Hayden, looking important...

Keeping the order of the boarders

and relaying the info to the Judges

did you notice he is wearing Ski boots? ya, weird I know! ever since he broke his collar bone he has been on ski's. I think he might actually like skiing more then snowboarding!!! No Lie!!
We got awesome kudo's about what a hard working, awesome kid we have

from his Manager at Sunrise as well as from the DC/SkullCandy Rep

they were both very impressed with his hard work and marketing abilities

(I think he gets both of those things from his dad!)

Goin' over the list with his dad

And then it started to snow....and the wind blew....and it was COLD!

Just ask Sawyer, he will tell you.....

It was a fun time and an awesome day...

thanks to Tanner from DC/skullCandy for hookin' the kids up with some cool gear!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hayden at Rail Jam UofA

Click on it to see a larger image

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hayden's Baby

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stupid Kid...

Well lets start off by saying Hayden went to his follow up appointment for his shoulder day before yesterday.....
Doc: did you do something to your shoulder?
Hayden: No, not really, why?
Doc: well in the last x-ray the bones were touching and now they are completely separated...possibly with a muscle in between.
Hayden: Well, I was skiing....??? I did fall down a couple times but did not do anything to my shoulder....
Doc: Well you must have done something to it because it looks alot different now then it did a few weeks ago. We will give it another month to see if things go back where they should be but if not you will probably need surgery.
soo.....Cut to yesterday
Hayden: Mom, I'm going to UofA to compete in Rail-jam
oh, and there are way more snowboarders so I'm doin' it on ski's
then i got this text today.....
hummm Ya, that looks real safe!?!?

this is the only trophy he came home with....
oh and most likely, more so now, a scar to come from shoulder surgery

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wisdom teeth...

Hayden had his wisdom teeth out today at 7:45
was out of the doc's office by 8:30
was on his way up to the mountain at 10:00
he is one dedicated, hard working kid....
anyone who employs him is lucky to have him!
They put him in charge of the DC Snowboard Competition next weekend and he is working his butt off to make it GREAT! It was just given to him a week ago to take over and he has already lined up sponsors and organized a ton of stuff!
back to the teeth.....
he told me yesterday to cancel his appt because he was too busy to have any down time
i told him....ahhh NO! gotta get done while you have insurance!
Do you remember when you had yours out?
When I had mine out it was painful and I didn't want to get off the couch for like 3 days...
then I got dry socket which was worse then having the teeth out by 10fold!
when Brittnee had hers out she was sick to her stomach and was in agony any time i went over a bump in the road on the way home.
Hayden was making jokes and laughing and went to the store with me to buy jello etc...
then he and Ethan were off to the mountain because
"he had work to do!"
love that kid!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday....