Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break....

We did a really quick spring break trip to the valley
went down on Tuesday and back on Wednesday.
Just Rich and I and 4 boys so we had to do "Boy stuff" but it was fun! We went and played Lazar tag, went to jump street two times (video below), did some shopping, ate at some great restaurants and then did a tour of Chase field.
It went by really fast but we got a lot in in those two days.

Here are the boys in the dugout

Cute picture of my Sawyer boy

Here is video from Jump street, I was actually pretty impressed with my boys skills!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Special day...

Today was a special day for Austin
He was able to go through the Temple
So very proud of him!!!
Love you Austin bud!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time flys.....

My Sweet little Babies have grown up right before my Eyes
I can hardly believe they are 12 years old today!
It's really just not possible because I'm sure they were just born the other day....
and now...they are headed to 6th grade, Invited to attend Mutual, Being ordained Deacons, Passing the sacrament, can go to the temple, are almost in Jr high and almost teenagers!
when did they grow up? they still look like taller versions of the very same boys in these pictures.
oh help.....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Birthday Boy...

On our way home from Vegas
 I was able to stop in Kingman and see my Baby
who just turned 22 over the weekend!!!
It was such a Joy to see him.
Its only the 2nd time I have seem him since he left for school in August!!!
This is his cute little girlfriend Charlotte!
We love her too!!


Took the exchange kids to Vegas last weekend.
We had a good trip and a lot of fun.
It was good for me to get to spend time with My goooooood Friends Wendy and Curtis.
First we stopped at the Hoover Dam and had alittle tour.
This was interesting and I had never been there

While we were in Vegas we went at a group to see
The Blue Man Group
the kids really enjoyed it.
I had seen it before but it never disappoints
We had great seats right up front
so they all had to wear plastic rain ponchos

A little Meet and greet after the show...
Got this picture for Quade so that he would be super Jelous!

Wendy and Curtis and I went and watched the
Price is Right
that was super fun but not as good as the televised version
and NO we did not get to
"come on down"
But Joey Fatone was the host so that was kinda cool
in a boy band kinda  way...