Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Took the exchange kids to Vegas last weekend.
We had a good trip and a lot of fun.
It was good for me to get to spend time with My goooooood Friends Wendy and Curtis.
First we stopped at the Hoover Dam and had alittle tour.
This was interesting and I had never been there

While we were in Vegas we went at a group to see
The Blue Man Group
the kids really enjoyed it.
I had seen it before but it never disappoints
We had great seats right up front
so they all had to wear plastic rain ponchos

A little Meet and greet after the show...
Got this picture for Quade so that he would be super Jelous!

Wendy and Curtis and I went and watched the
Price is Right
that was super fun but not as good as the televised version
and NO we did not get to
"come on down"
But Joey Fatone was the host so that was kinda cool
in a boy band kinda  way...