Friday, April 30, 2010

Girl overload....

First we got Keeley just over a year ago
then came Brynlee almost a year ago
next will be Lilly in a few more weeks
and today we found out Bryan and Liz's are having a girl too!!
good thing Katie will be throwing a boy into that mix!!

Shoulder injury revisited.....

Surgery May 12th
let this be a lesson to all...
when your doctor gives you instructions...
you really should follow them....

Winner, Winner, chicken dinner....

YEAH Kimberly is the 20,000th visitor.....
Wish I had a prize to offer up!
I will plan further ahead for 30,000
thanks for playing...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

That's what my hit counter
(at the bottom of the page says)

who would have thunk
i would have ever had nearly 20,000
hits on this silly little blog i started several years ago.
Probably half of those hits are me!! lol

when you check in here today....
check the counter at the bottom of the page
and if YOU are number 20,000 let me know in my comments section!

have a fun day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Brynlee is walking.....

Makes me happy, but sad at the same time
how is that possible!?

Went to a little wedding.....

So this last weekend we were privileged to attend the wedding our Our Good friends Daughter.
We have known the Hoyes since they moved here back in 1995 and our kids and their kids played together all the time way back when!
We have continued to be friends through the years and we would not have missed this day, seeing Sarah married for the world!
We have know the Grooms family for years too....
Hayden is great friends with Cory's brother Jeremy.

Sarah and Cory
Such a beautiful bride

Hayden and Jeremy doing what they do best....haha

This is the mother of the bride and my good friend Debbie, dancing with Fokke.
Fokke is their exchange student from several years ago...
he is a member of their family now
and also would not have missed this event for the world!
Hayden and cute little Bethany...
love this girl
(just a friend haha)
Rich and his little Sarah....

Hayden and Bethany

Hayden dancing with the girls....again....what he does best! HA

Taylor and Track

Track season is almost over and i would be remissed if i did not post about it! Taylor is doing shot and disc this season. she is sitting out of the running events to give her knees some healing time before soccer next fall. She is such a determined girl and I love that about her!!! she has not done anything astounding or unbelievable this season in track but she has beat her Personal Record over and over again....and that is what I like to see. We think by the time she is a senior she will have this mastered if she sticks with it!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

There is so much I could say....
but nothing is more important now then to say...
I love you and thank you for being my very best friend
for the last 26 years
you are my world
and I'm so lucky to have you

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hot Action on the salt today....

Today we spent the day on the the salt river
rafting with the exchange students
We decided to take our family this time around
so in our boat we had
Rich, me, Austin, Taylor, Noah, Sawyer,
Taylors friend Bridget and My sister Lynn
and our most awesome guide Brad.
the other two boats with our group were filled
with exchange students and host families
the river was higher this year because of all the
incredible run off we had from the huge amounts of snow
this winter then it has been in any of
the 3 prior years that we have done this trip.
It was very exciting, scary but oh so fun!!
we managed to all stay in our boats all day and did not
get dumped into the river which was great because the water was

Sawyer had a smile on his face pretty much alll day....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Special Olympics....

We had the privilege this last week of attending the
Blue Ridge special Olympics this last Friday.
Every Year our school holds their own special Olympics
before the district special Olympics.
Our school has a student club that organizes and puts the event together.
And our track team gets to help out by
being Buddy's for our Special Olympics Athletes.
Austin and Quade got to participate as athletes
and Taylor got to be a "Buddy"
Our school shows such awesome support at this event.
All the classes come out to watch.
They even bus students over from the other school in the district.
Its so awesome that it just makes me tear up to see all the support

this is our parade of athletes
Austin and His buddy
Quade and his buddy

Taylor and her buddy

Quade getting his medal in the 100m dash.

He also competed in the 4x100 relay and the softball throw

Austin getting his medal in the 100m dash.
He also competed in the 4x100, the softball throw and the long jump

Here is the whole group

Next...I want to tell you about the "Bee" incident...some of you know that Quade has a fear of "Dave" Dave is a big inflatable (9ft tall) fireman that the fire dept uses for promotions and such. Quade is very scared of Dave and is always ALWAYS saying....
"Scared Dave"
Well the school has this SMALL inflatable Yellow Jacket. Quade was sooo distracted through the whole event with this little Yellow insect that he could think of NOTHING else....if you notice in the video of him running he is looking at the Yellow Jacket on the side as he runs. Every picture i have practically he is looking for or at the Yellow Jacket...he was sooo scared to go anywhere near him. It was all kinds of amusing..
so finally toward the end of the two hour even I went over and gave the yellow Jacket a hug and stood next to him and told Quade it was all right...finally....FINALLY he came closer...and closer....then ran away. Then it all started again. We went through this several times before he finally came close and stood by him....then touched him....then shook his hand...then would NOT leave him alone!!! Followed him around for the whole rest of the time we were there.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Mother's Worst Nighmare...revisited!

only this one is runs!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wishing you all a Happy Easter....