Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hot Action on the salt today....

Today we spent the day on the the salt river
rafting with the exchange students
We decided to take our family this time around
so in our boat we had
Rich, me, Austin, Taylor, Noah, Sawyer,
Taylors friend Bridget and My sister Lynn
and our most awesome guide Brad.
the other two boats with our group were filled
with exchange students and host families
the river was higher this year because of all the
incredible run off we had from the huge amounts of snow
this winter then it has been in any of
the 3 prior years that we have done this trip.
It was very exciting, scary but oh so fun!!
we managed to all stay in our boats all day and did not
get dumped into the river which was great because the water was

Sawyer had a smile on his face pretty much alll day....


Kapitan Ho said...

this is soo cool!!!