Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Went to a little wedding.....

So this last weekend we were privileged to attend the wedding our Our Good friends Daughter.
We have known the Hoyes since they moved here back in 1995 and our kids and their kids played together all the time way back when!
We have continued to be friends through the years and we would not have missed this day, seeing Sarah married for the world!
We have know the Grooms family for years too....
Hayden is great friends with Cory's brother Jeremy.

Sarah and Cory
Such a beautiful bride

Hayden and Jeremy doing what they do best....haha

This is the mother of the bride and my good friend Debbie, dancing with Fokke.
Fokke is their exchange student from several years ago...
he is a member of their family now
and also would not have missed this event for the world!
Hayden and cute little Bethany...
love this girl
(just a friend haha)
Rich and his little Sarah....

Hayden and Bethany

Hayden dancing with the girls....again....what he does best! HA