Monday, August 30, 2010

Boys of fall.....

Well with High school football upon us again, I came across this video that reminds me how sad I am that Hayden is not playing anymore and has moved on from his high school days.....We are lucky we still get to be somewhat involved with high school football though the Friday Night Football show. Noah and Saywer are playing again this year on the 4th grade level. It is so fun to be watching them come into their own on the football field. They are pretty impressive little Pups. Sawyer is Playing 1st team linebacker and Noah is Playing 1st team Quarter Back....we are looking forward to the next generation of Jones family football

Friday, August 20, 2010

They have arrived!

All of the exchange students that will be in Northern/Eastern Arizona have arrived!
we had a very fun weekend with them last weekend, getting to know them and talking about the in's and out's of being an exchange student here in Arizona. We are super excited to get to know all of them and to share them with our communities!

Ride Along

This summer Austin asked us several time to take him in to fill out paperwork to go on a ride along with the fire department...finally we got it done and he went on two ride alongs before school started.
I just love our small town and our small town fire dept
these guys ROCK!
they are always soo kind to my kids
Of course...NOTHING happened at all
either day Austin went.
no calls, no excitement, no nothing....
I told Austin he must be the community good luck charm!
he did get to eat and work out with the guys and he had a blast
the first day he asked if they could swing by the house to give Quade a ride..
Quade was over the moon...
he sat in the truck and they did a lap around the block.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cutest thing.....EVER!!!

love this baby!!!
i think she was really blowing those kisses
to her YAYA (thats me)

Monday, August 2, 2010

growing like a weed....

Here is an update on the garden......
unfortunately our corn is not doing so well because Hayden's dog likes to dig in the box
but we do have one nice looking stalk that actually had an ear growing
its still ity bitty but you can see lots of silk at the top
Here is the rest of the garden....
Tomato's are coming along
Peppers are looking good....
Sawyer has the most AWESOME Corn growing!
its the one and only that is this big but its looking good
here is his corn growing on the stalk
yellow squash
and a little tiny pumpkin just starting (at least i think its a pumpkin...maybe its a watermelon?? LOL