Friday, August 20, 2010

Ride Along

This summer Austin asked us several time to take him in to fill out paperwork to go on a ride along with the fire department...finally we got it done and he went on two ride alongs before school started.
I just love our small town and our small town fire dept
these guys ROCK!
they are always soo kind to my kids
Of course...NOTHING happened at all
either day Austin went.
no calls, no excitement, no nothing....
I told Austin he must be the community good luck charm!
he did get to eat and work out with the guys and he had a blast
the first day he asked if they could swing by the house to give Quade a ride..
Quade was over the moon...
he sat in the truck and they did a lap around the block.


Skousen Seven said...

What a thrill for the boys!! All you have to do is look at Quade and know he was so excited!!