Saturday, January 30, 2010


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I swear....this is what it feels like they are saying is coming our way!!
I'm scared....but not because of the epic snow forecast
(possible 5 feet on thru/fri)
but because....I'm fixin to leave my kids alone for a week
with what seems like this coming!!

I have very mixed feelings....
I need to go, the ticket is bought, 42 people are depending on me
I know Brittnee and Hayden are very capable of handling this but....
what if :
1. We cant get off the mountain? (probably need to leave a day earlier then planned!)
2. The power is out for several days after we leave?
3. What if they get scared?
4. What if a tree falls on my house?
5. What if cell service is down?
6. What if they (Hayden lol) has an accident? (sunrise die hard that he is)
7. What if we don't go and it just blows over leaving a very wet foot or two?
8. What if, What if, What if.....
I know alot of you are praying for SNOW SNOW SNOW....but if you wouldn't mind praying for alittle less I would appreciate it...just this once! And hey! if you wouldn't mind checkin in with my kids over the weekend you would be my hero!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

If you have not guessed it yet.....

She's goin to Hawaii with Rich and I in two weeks!

Friday, January 8, 2010

You will have to guess ......

ok a guessing game of sorts.....
what did Taylor get for her birthday??
a suitcase???
she didn't even ask for a suitcase...
oh but wait!
whats in the suitcase???

a scrapbook??
"I don't get it!"
look IN the scrapbook silly~

NO WAY!!!!!

I cant believe it!!!

oh YEAH!!!!!
ok blogger friends.....what is it????

Look what Quade got....

For his birthday!
He is alittle large for his old twin size bed

so we figured...since he is gonna be living at home for a long long time

we might as well invest in his comfort!

Happy birthday Quaders!


A hApPy BiRtHdAy
To my 15 year old "uneven" twins!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Advice for the day....

One too many tricks does not a good day make!
As most of you know...Hayden is a snowboard instructor at Sunrise. Been doing if for four years now. This year he was super excited to be hired on full time. Today was his first day to free ride.
We got a call around 1:20 from Hayden. He told us that he was pretty sure he had broken his collar bone. So Rich said he would go up and pick him up...when he was about half way there the ski patrol (Hayden's good friend Brandon) called to tell Rich to turn around because they were calling an ambulance. I guess when he stood up he about passed out and was having blood pressure problems (no surprise there) and so they felt safer calling the ambulance for transport. Took forever for them to get him ready and loaded and back to Show Low. We waited at the hospital...and waited...and waited.
I guess what happened was he was doing a 180 (the 5th or 6th of the day) and he caught an edge and came down hard on his shoulder. He was pretty sure he dislocated it also but most likely put it back in place when he took his shirt off. Said he herd popping and was in the worst pain of his life. So he was pretty sure he popped it back in place. He is in a sling (the only thing they can do for it) and he is on some good meds. Will take two months to heal and has to go to an orthopedic surgeon in a week to make sure its healing right. other then that....He said he is heading back up to the mountain tomorrow. HAHA as he will only be the "corral mom" for the ski school for a
luckily he listened to his MOMMY and had his helmet on!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

SOO excited!!!

Went to a furniture store today looking for something that I will tell you more about later in the week. But while I was there I found EXACTLY what i have been looking for for a couple of years!!!!
I saw it and fell in love!!!
was scared to look at the price....
it was on sale....$385 (half off after Christmas sale)
they said they got it on a really good close out deal from the manufacture and that is why they could offer it so cheap!
so I put it on lay away on the spot!!
I will pick it up at the end of the month....
It is HUGE and just right for my bedroom
came home and looked it up on line and it retails for
can you say OH MY GOSH!!

Christmas at the Jones house

Well we definitely had a white Christmas!!!
how lucky were we??

this was dinner on Christmas eve...decided not to break out the china this year...
too much hastle! lol
don't you just love our centerpiece?

The tree before the ciaos took place

My kids have a tradition of always sleeping together in the same room on Christmas eve..
the oldest sleeps by the door to "Guard it"
this year Brittnee opted not to sleep with the rest of the sibs...
they were a bit disappointed but were ok with it in the end...
Brynlee on Christmas Eve in her New Christmas Jammies (another family tradition)

The line up to come out and see what santa left..
(another Traditions)
always youngest to oldest...
Sawyer no longer gets to be first
While at least until Brynlee has Christmas morning in her own home
probably next year when her daddy is home
Really? for me??

Pepper has turned into an expert at opening her presents
(not illustrated in this picture)
she takes it and holds it between her paws and slowly picks at the paper
tearing it very gently
until its opened and reveals her new squeaky toy

Brynlee with her new baby doll
and her awesome Aunt Taylor

Quade loves Christmas...
don't ya just love our "yule log"
(Channel 15 every year)
Brynlee has become an expert at opening presents too!

Brittnee got her wish!


a little lego action...

Everyone had a really great Christmas and got most of what they asked for

New Years in Manti Utah....

We took off after Christmas and headed to Manti for New Years with Grandma and Grandpa Jones, Scott and Rich, Gerri and Jessi
It was tons of fun and we had a great time!
The kids got alittle bored from time to time so we tried to fill their days with at least one out of the house activity....Movie, bowling, sledding and a New Years day to Salt lake to Visit family at Aunt Annette's and Uncle Craig's house. We also got to visit my good friend Karen and her family who i have not seen in WAY WAY too long!

This is my New Years smooch at midnight with Noah!
Sawyer and his girls!

Austin and Jessi

All of us hovering around watching video of the sledding adventures

Four generation picture...i have another one of these around from when Brittnee was a baby
I will have to try to dig that out...

sledding in Utah...

Sledding Monkey Boy.....
Noah and Sawyer

Our little Brynlee girl....
Even she got to sled!

Brittnee and Brynlee

Taylor and Quade
Taylor screams all the way....too funny!!

And then they crashed and Quade landed on Taylor....

that was hilarious!! uhhh ohhh....


Richie and Jessi

Austin and Noah

Aunt Gerri and baby Jessi

it was SOOO good to see you guys!

Taylor's Dumpage!

Noah and Sawyer hitting the powder