Monday, January 4, 2010

SOO excited!!!

Went to a furniture store today looking for something that I will tell you more about later in the week. But while I was there I found EXACTLY what i have been looking for for a couple of years!!!!
I saw it and fell in love!!!
was scared to look at the price....
it was on sale....$385 (half off after Christmas sale)
they said they got it on a really good close out deal from the manufacture and that is why they could offer it so cheap!
so I put it on lay away on the spot!!
I will pick it up at the end of the month....
It is HUGE and just right for my bedroom
came home and looked it up on line and it retails for
can you say OH MY GOSH!!


Jeremiah and Heidi said...

That is beautiful!!! Plus I always love a good deal

Anonymous said...


Don't you LOVE it when you find exactly what your looking for and get an AMAZING deal on top of it!

Herrell Family said...

Wow! I love it. What a deal. I love when you find a good bargain.

Tiffany said...

lucky!!! You must be livin right! Ha! I imagine it matches the desk perfectly? Did you get it at Furniture Row?