Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas at the Jones house

Well we definitely had a white Christmas!!!
how lucky were we??

this was dinner on Christmas eve...decided not to break out the china this year...
too much hastle! lol
don't you just love our centerpiece?

The tree before the ciaos took place

My kids have a tradition of always sleeping together in the same room on Christmas eve..
the oldest sleeps by the door to "Guard it"
this year Brittnee opted not to sleep with the rest of the sibs...
they were a bit disappointed but were ok with it in the end...
Brynlee on Christmas Eve in her New Christmas Jammies (another family tradition)

The line up to come out and see what santa left..
(another Traditions)
always youngest to oldest...
Sawyer no longer gets to be first
While at least until Brynlee has Christmas morning in her own home
probably next year when her daddy is home
Really? for me??

Pepper has turned into an expert at opening her presents
(not illustrated in this picture)
she takes it and holds it between her paws and slowly picks at the paper
tearing it very gently
until its opened and reveals her new squeaky toy

Brynlee with her new baby doll
and her awesome Aunt Taylor

Quade loves Christmas...
don't ya just love our "yule log"
(Channel 15 every year)
Brynlee has become an expert at opening presents too!

Brittnee got her wish!


a little lego action...

Everyone had a really great Christmas and got most of what they asked for


Anonymous said...

Growing up we had the same traditions! We all slept in the same room, the youngest got to go see the gifts first and Christmas Eve Pj's!
Hope you guys had a good Christmas!