Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I swear....this is what it feels like they are saying is coming our way!!
I'm scared....but not because of the epic snow forecast
(possible 5 feet on thru/fri)
but because....I'm fixin to leave my kids alone for a week
with what seems like this coming!!

I have very mixed feelings....
I need to go, the ticket is bought, 42 people are depending on me
I know Brittnee and Hayden are very capable of handling this but....
what if :
1. We cant get off the mountain? (probably need to leave a day earlier then planned!)
2. The power is out for several days after we leave?
3. What if they get scared?
4. What if a tree falls on my house?
5. What if cell service is down?
6. What if they (Hayden lol) has an accident? (sunrise die hard that he is)
7. What if we don't go and it just blows over leaving a very wet foot or two?
8. What if, What if, What if.....
I know alot of you are praying for SNOW SNOW SNOW....but if you wouldn't mind praying for alittle less I would appreciate it...just this once! And hey! if you wouldn't mind checkin in with my kids over the weekend you would be my hero!!


KJ said...

Enjoy hawaii! I love living out here and if you have any questions about places to go or whatever, let me know!